PRESS RELEASE from Draft Gore, New Hampshire! (more)
Gore Supporters Organizing New Hampshire Write-In Vote

Littleton, New Hampshire (December 19, 2007) -- After months of speculation, Al Gore's name will be on the presidential ballot in the nation's first primary.

A bi-partisan group of New Hampshire voters--unhappy with the timid approach to halting global warming by the primary candidates --is organizing a three-week grass roots campaign to write in Gore's name on the primary ballot.

"A write-in vote for Al Gore in the New Hampshire Primary is a vote for bold political leadership to stem global warming," says Farrell S. Seiler, who is coordinating the write-in campaign for the non-partisan group, Draft Gore New Hampshire. (

"New Hampshire voters can't wait for the primary candidates from either party to make climate change the organizing theme of their presidential campaigns," says Seiler, who is also chairman of the New Hampshire Wind Energy Association.

"Sadly, not one of the Republican or Democratic candidates is seriously addressing the gravity of the planetary emergency," says the group.

"We need aggressive carbon reduction strategies coupled with plans to transform our economy from reliance on dirty fossil fuels to clean energy technologies," says Seiler.

"Courageous leadership is needed to press for mandatory targets for carbon reduction, to advocate for a moratorium on new coal-fired plants and to push for quick progress on the Bali negotiations," says the group.

"Al Gore's name will be placed on the ballot by New Hampshire voters themselves," says Seiler. "All it takes is a pencil."

By writing in Al Gore's name on the ballot, voters in New Hampshire can send all the candidates an unmistakable message: stronger political action is needed to stem the devastating consequences of green house gas emissions.

New Hampshire election law permits the name of any person to be written in on the ballot itself. Any New Hampshire resident can register and vote in the primary on the same day.

Opinion polls over the past few months continue to demonstrate that Al Gore's popularity remains very high in New Hampshire. One poll showed him getting 32% of the primary vote--ahead of frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Volunteers are identifying Gore supporters, compiling voter lists, setting up telephone banks, raising funds, and preparing to turn out thousands of Gore voters.

Draft Gore New Hampshire predicts that a dedicated group of committed volunteers can deliver thousands of votes for Al Gore--a political message on global warming that can't be ignored.

The Write-In vote, a New Hampshire tradition since Dwight Eisenhower.