Draft Gore
30-second radio ad
Woman: Yoo-hoo.  Woman: Mr. Gore.  Woman: Hello.  Man: Hey Al.  Man: Excuse me, sir, Mr. Gore.  Man: Hello.  Man: Hey Al, Mr. Vice President.  

Man: Mr. Gore, we need you for president.

Woman: We deserve a president we can respect.

Man: We deserve a president we can respect, who has the experience...

Woman: ...and compassion...

Woman: ...who is the most qualified...

Man: ...who is a proven leader...

Woman: Al Gore: right on Iraq, right on global warming, right for the 21st century.

Man: Join us at DraftGore.com in supporting Al Gore for the Democratic nomination for president.

Woman: Sign the petition at DraftGore.com

Man: Paid for by the Committee to Draft Gore.  He won once; he can win again.