Key People-Former Sen. Mike Gravel
updated October 31, 2007

Press Secretary Alex Colvin
(started early Dec. 2006)  Founded out of Los Angeles in Spring 2003 ("dedicated to the establishment of social justice and bringing about the end of government and corporate tyranny by promoting greater worker solidarity, increased consumer/investor awareness and to initiate and encourage non-violent civil disobedience.")  Producer at KMPC AM in Santa Monica.  Founded Nuevo Amanecer, active in Chiapas, Mexico and Uttar Pradesh, India, 1994-96.  Worked in film.  Graduate of University of Utah, where he studied film.
Director of Logistics Kelly Phong
Rockville resident.  Served as custodian of records/assistant treasurer of Nader for President 2004 in 2006.
New Hampshire Director Elliott Jacobson
Started out as national communications director for the campaign; earlier served as communications director for The Democracy Foundation, the 501(c)(3) founded by Gravel in 2001.  Experience in the motion picture and television industries (Columbia Pictures), government (New York City and Syracuse, N.Y. as an Assistant to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation), corporate public relations, and on campaigns (Carter/Mondale alumnus).  B.A. from Long Island University.

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