Hagel Supporters On the Web: Early Activity
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Chuck Hagel for President in 2008
A grassroots movement to encourage support for a Hagel candidacy in 2008.

Started by Charles Hinderliter of South Carolina in February 2006 (first postings on Feb. 17).  more

Ohio for Hagel 2008

Started by "buckeyjg," a pastor in Ohio, in late August 2006 (first posting Aug. 27):

"Welcome to the Ohio for Chuck Hagel presidential movement.  We are a grassroots network working in and around the great State of Ohio, promoting what we hope will be a Chuck Hagel run for the White House in 2008.  It is our belief that America needs a strong leader who can unite this great Country and build a strong foreign policy with our allies around the world.  We believe America needs less Government, less spending and better border security.  We see only one American who can handle this awesome task, we see Chuck Hagel as this person.  We deserve a stronger America, we deserve Chuck Hagel as our next Commander and Chief..."


Wisconsin for Hagel 2008
A site dedicated to the election of the only potential presidential candidate who is a true conservative -- Chuck Hagel from Nebraska.

Started by Alex of Milwaukee, WI in late August 2006 (first posting Aug. 28).  He makes a well reasoned case for Hagel in his initial posting, excerpted here:

...If the Republicans wish to retain the White House in 2008, they need a candidate who can distance himself from the increasingly unpopular foreign policy of George W. Bush, while simultaneously championing the conservative cause. Chuck Hagel is the only man who can do that.  He has, for several years now, been openly critical of the administration's war effort.  He called for a withdrawal of American troops, back when such a view was unpopular.  His position is clear: he wants to begin withdrawing American troops within 6 months, which would increasingly let the Iraqis govern their own fate.  This is now the view of a majority of Americans.  And, it is the right view -- for our troops and for our country.

In addition to being a true conservative on foreign policy, Chuck Hagel is a fiscal conservative too.  He cautioned and voted against the Medicare bill of 2004, which was the biggest entitlement program passed since LBJ.  He's consistently voted against excess pork, has warned of the impending budget crunch in Social Security and Medicare when the baby boom retires, voted against No Child Left Behind, and dissented from the farm bill too.  Hagel will bring fiscal responsibility back to the White House.

On top of that, Hagel is the most socially conservative, potential presidential candidate in the field.  He has a 100% pro-life voting record, most recently opposing the Frist-led attempt to pass a bill giving our tax money to embryonic stem cell research.  Unlike McCain, he voted for the marriage amendment -- twice.  He enthusiastically supported Roberts and Alito, while witholding support for Myers.  On the social front, conservatives have a true friend in Chuck Hagel.

This site is dedicated to making sure Chuck hears, loud and clear, our desire for him to run for President in 2008.  So, post your comments in support of Chuck.  Let the Senator from America's heartland know that he has the support of true conservatives who will rally to his cause if he enters the race. And this site coordinator is dedicated to make sure that come 2008, the Badger state is in the Hagel camp.  Run, Chuck, Run!

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