"Hillary Cleans Up Bush's Mess"

30-second TV ad.  55 ads run Aug., 2-4, 2005 from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. on Headline News in Southern NH  (Manchester, Concord, Portsmouth, Salem and Nashua).  According to PoliticsNH.com's James Pindell the cost to run the 55 spots  was $264.

Produced by Yarock Productions

[Music]  Announcers:  We need Hillary to clean up Bush's mess.

Male:  He's failed in Iraq.

Female:  He's failed in the war on terror.

Male:  Millions without health care.

Female:  And huge budget deficits.

Announcer:  Hillary can you help us?

Hillary impersonator:  Sure but it'll take me two terms to clean up this mess.

Announcers: Hillarynow. com

Notes:  This was the first TV ad promoting a candidate for 2008.  Although the buy was tiny, the ad drew considerable media attention (New York Post, AP, New York Times among many others).  Coinciding with the running of the ad, HillaryNow.com President Bob Kunst visited New Hampshire to spread the word in person.  The ad has lots of sound effects throughout.  For example, as Bush keeps popping up among the trash cans on the White House lawn he makes annoying sniggering sounds.