Mike Huckabee-Organization, Georgia
revised March 15, 2008

Honorary Chair Congressman John Linder (GA-7)
(endorsement announced Dec. 11, 2007)  First elected to Congress in 1992 after unsuccessful run in 1990.  Previously served seven terms in the Georgia General Assembly.  Dentist; president of a lending institution.  U.S. Air Force, 1967-69.  B.S. from University of Minnesota, Duluth, 1964; D.D.S. from University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Duluth, 1967.
Co-Chair Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise
Has served on the Commission since January 1995.  First elected to public office as a Cobb County Commissioner in 1990.  B.S. in business management from the Charleston Southern University, 1974.
Faith and Family Chair U.D. Roberts

Grassroots Coordinators Sam Teasley
Joe Dendy

Communications Director Shawn Davis
Senior associate, Joe Tanner and Associates.

list of key supporters from unofficial Georgia for Huckabee site:
(Feb. 2008; has some additions from initial Dec. 6, 2007 list)

State Rep. Ed Setzler - Executive Committee Director

Joe Dendy - State Co-Director
Sam Teasley - State Co-Director

U. S. Congressman John Linder  (announced Dec. 11, 2007)
Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise
State Sen. Judson Hill
State Rep. Harry Geisinger
State Rep. Martin Scott
State Rep. Charlice Byrd
State Rep. Mike Keown
State Rep. Tommy Smith
State Rep. Len Walker
State Rep. Melvin Everson
State Rep. Steve Tumlin
State Rep. Mark Williams
State Rep. James Mills
Mayor Tom Dupree
Former State Rep. Roger Hines
Former State Rep. Barbara Bunn
Former State Rep. Danae Roberts Gambill
Former Arkansas State Rep. Kevin Goss
Shawn Davis, State Communications Director
Craig Dowdy, State Finance Director
Maria Strollo Zack
Dave McCleary
Rev. Martin Hawley
Rev. Ike Reighard
Ron Terwilliger
Catherine Davis
Pat Tippett
Kay Godwin
Judi Quigley
Pat Quigley
Steve Dillard
U.D. Roberts
Jason Shepherd
Greg Dunn
Bill Byrne
Patrick Cork
Gail Kaley-Kumpf
Brad Hughes

also: endorsed by the Georgia Right to Life PAC (announced Nov. 30, 2007)
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