Mike Huckabee-Organization, Maryland
revised March 16, 2008

Co-Chair Delegate Chris Shank, Minority Whip
Represents District 2B, Washington County; elected in 1998.  Procurement specialist for Meadows Agency of Insurance starting in 1998.  Legislative assistant for the Washington County delegation, 1994-98.  B.A. in history from The Johns Hopkins University, 1994.  M.A. in political management from The George Washington University, 1998.
Co-Chair Delegate Tony McConkey
Represents District 33A, Anne Arundel County; elected in 2002.  Real estate broker and property manager.   B.A. in government and politics and B.S. in business management from University of Maryland, College Park, 1986.  J.D. from University of Maryland School of Law, 1990.
Faith and Family Chair Mike Phillips
from Waldorf, MD.
Delegate Chair Justin Ready
(volunteer; led the effort to fill out the delegate and alternate delegate slate)  Chief of staff for Sen. Janet Greenip in the Maryland State Senate.  Statewide field director on the Pipkin for Senate campaign in Maryland in 2004.  From Westminster, MD.
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