Mike Huckabee-Organization, New Hampshire
updated December 18, 2007

Headquarters: 143 North Main Street, Suite 103, Concord   ...as of Oct. 1, 2007
Co-Chair Fred Bramante
(reported by James Pindell on Feb. 2, 2007; announced Feb. 9, 2007) - Founder and CEO of Daddy's Junky Music Stores, which he started in 1972.  Member and former chairman of the State Board of Education.  Candidate for the Republican nomination for governor in 2000.  Former eighth grade science teacher.  Graduate of Keene State University.  Resident of Durham.
Co-Chair Cliff Hurst
(reported by James Pindell "The Primary Source" on Dec. 8, 2006; announced Feb. 9, 2007)  Chaired the Manchester Republican Committee for two years through Jan. 11, 2006.  Day job is salesman at Merrimack Street Volvo.  Has worked in various leadership positions in human resources, sales and marketing and public relations.  Served as a civilian clergy in the military in Europe.
Campaign Manager Debra Vanderbeek
(announced March 8, 2007)  Chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley (NH-1), who was defeated in Nov. 2006; ran Bradley's successful 2002 campaign and his 2004 re-election campaign.  Previously, Vanderbeek owned a consulting firm specializing in issues management, coalition building, government relations, and media relations.  Prior to that, she worked for BMc Strategies where she directed major client accounts.  Early in her career Vanderbeek worked as a lobbyist for American Cyanamid.  Graduate of Suffolk University.
Field Director Periklis Karoutas

Field Manager Chris Herr


(announced November 27, 2007 as a member of Huckabee's national Faith and Family Values Coalition)
Karen Testerman - Director of Cornerstone Policy Research, a Family Policy Council organization.  She directed Gary Bauer's 1999-2000 NH primary campaign.

(announced October 19, 2007)
Ruth Griffin - Executive Councilor from 1987-2006.  A co-chair of George W. Bush's 2000 NH Primary campaign steering committee.  Served in the New Hampshire State Senate and in the State House.  Served two terms as Republican National Committeewoman.  A Portsmouth Police Commissioner for ten years.  Graduated from the Wentworth Hospital School of Nursing and is a Registered Nurse.

(announced October 18, 2007)
State Representative Julie Brown of Rochester

(announced September 7, 2007)
Sheriff Wayne Estes of Milton    ...Strafford County Co-Chair
Dan Philbrick of Dover - owner of Philbrick's Sports, which employs 35 people, for over 25 years. A former Strafford County Republican finance chair, county delegate, and former state senate candidate.   ...Strafford County Co-Chair

(announced August 22, 2007)
former Senator and Executive Council Candidate Russell Prescott of Exeter     ...Rockingham County Co-Chair
former Executive Councilor, State Senator and State Representative Dave Wheeler   ...chair "New Hampshire Homeschoolers for Huckabee Coalition"
former Commissioner of Transportation Carol Murray
State Representative Jason Bedrick from Windham    ...Windham/Salem Town Chair
John Castelot, Vice Chairman of the Manchester Republican Committee    ...Manchester Ward 4 Chair
Cheryl Cataldo    ...Farmington Town Chair
State Representative Dan Dumaine   ...Rockingham County Co-Chair and Auburn Town Chair
State Representative Frank Emiro    ...Londonderry Town Chair
State Representative Ryan Hansen    ...Milford Town Chair
Dick & Linda Jazowski   ...Rochester City Committee Chairs
State Representative Connie Soucy    ...Manchester City Committee Co-Chair
former State Representative Nancy Wall    ...Hollis Town Chair

(announced April 20, 2007)
State Senator Bob Clegg  (Hudson)
State Representative Sandra Reeves and her husband, Bruce (Manchester)
former Manchester Mayor Emile Beaulieu
Manchester Young Republicans Chairman David Hurst and Vice Chair Bob Burns
Dr. Pierre Dionne of Hudson
2006 Republican candidate for governor, Jim Coburn

(list reprinted from website Dec. 18, 2007)
Fmr Executive Councilor Ruth Griffin
Fmr Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler
Senator Bob Clegg
Fmr State Senator Russell Prescott
Fmr State Senator Dick Ferdinando
Representative Connie Soucy
Representative Dan Dumaine
Representative Frank Emiro
Representative Jason Bedrick
Representative Lee Quandt
Representative Matt Quandt
Representative Nancy Elliot
Representative Ryan Hansen
Representative Sandra Reeves
Representative Julie Brown
Sheriff Wayne Estes
Fmr Commissioner of Transportation Carol Murray
Fmr Dover Mayor Charlie Reynolds
Fmr Gubernatorial Candidate Hon Jim Coburn
Fmr Manchester Mayor Emile Beaulieu
Fmr Senate Candidate Hon Nancy Wall
Fmr State Senate Candidate Dan Philbrick
Honorable Edwin "Smokey" Smith
Honorable Ron Dupuis
Londonderry Town Councilor Joe Paradis
Virginia Russell-Bridle, Hampton Selectman

Guy Comtois, 2nd Amendment for Huckabee Coalition
Alan Rice, 2nd Amendment Coalition
Jon Evans, 2nd Amendment for Huckabee Coalition

Bob Burns, Students for Huckabee Statewide Chairman
Allison McDonald, Keene State College, Students for Huckabee Chair
Adam Bungert, University of New Hampshire, Students for Huckabee Chair
Jennifer Bandy, Dartmouth College Students for Huckabee Chair
Mike Ciccio, New Hampshire TKE for Huckabee Chair

Carolyn Virtue, Home Health Care Coalition Chair
Ellen Curelop, Home Health Care Coalition
Jebb Curelop, Home Health Care Coalition

Amy Houston, Epping Town Chair
Aram and Lucy Sisoian, Alton City Co-Chairs
Ben Olson, Keene Town Co-Chair
Bill Asbell, Dover City Committee
Bob Coffey, Newmarket Town Chair
Cheryl Cataldo, Farmington Town Chair
Dick and Linda Jazowski, Rochester City Co-Chairs
Dr. Dave Ridge, Keene Town C0-Chair
Dr. Deborah Warner, Littleton Town Chair
Joann Paradis, Londonderry Town Co-Chair
John Castelot, Manchester City Committee
Kathleen Dumaine, Auburn Town Co-Chair
Kathy McNeil, Exeter Town Chair
Kristin Small, Claremont Town Chair
Mark Langdon, North Haverill Town Chair, Grafton County Chair
Mary Bonser, Nottingham Town Chair
Nash Reddy, Hopkinton Town Chair
Pastor Hershel Strickland, Sunapee Town Chair
Robert Knapp, Chester Town Chair
Ron Fullerton, Grafton County Co-Chair
Roy Shoults, Manchester City Committee
Shawn Donahue, Stark Town Chair
Sue Pichette, Manchester City Committee
Tim Chevalier, Henniker Town Chair
Don Walker, Concord City Committee
Al Valiquet, Exeter 
Alan Beaulieu, Goffstown 
Andrew Nelson 
Angie Dacey, Amherst 
Anna Marie Mcgowan, Bedford 
Anne Ekdahl, Amherst 
Barbara Burns, Bedford 
Barbara Copeland, Spofford 
Bill Burns, Bedford 
Bill Gibbons, Manchester 
Bill Tower , Dover 
Bob Eastman, North Hampton 
Bob Todd, Concord 
Brandon Fontaine, Manchester 
Brian Chicoine, Manchester 
Cal Davis, Concord 
Carol Welch, Kingston 
Carolee Churchill, Nashua 
Charles Burns, Bedford 
Chris Dacey, Amherst 
Chris Glenn, Durham 
Claire Douglass, Grantham 
Craig Charest, Salem 
Craig Longsderff 
Dane Drasher, Dover 
Danielle Graveline, Manchester 
Dave Nichols 
David Bernier, Epsom 
David Caswell, Jaffrey 
David Copeland, Spofford 
David Donati, Hooksett 
David Hannan, Dalton 
David Murphy, Durham 
David Tower , Rindge 
David Zelie, Barrington 
Deborah Calantonio, Brentwood 
Deborah Thornton, Farmington 
Desmond Coffee, Amherst 
Dick Baynes, Londonderry 
Dick Marston, Manchester 
Dorothy Matthews, Hudson 
Dr. Jim Hofford, Washington 
Elaine Driscoll 
Elaine Kindler, Danville 
Elaine West, Rindge 
Eric Parry, Derry 
Fred Noyes, Epsom 
Gail Winslow-Pine, Brentwood 
Gary Hamilton, Auburn 
George Dolan, Londonderry 
George Haggarty, Amherst 
George Henderson, Grantham 
Gordon Robertson, Manchester 
Henry Gilman 
Holly Charest, Salem 
Jacqueline Ellwood, Bedford 
Jacqueline Picken, Derry 
James Emond, Seabrook 
James Untiet, Goffstown 
Jeff Brown, Dover 
Jerry Ruocco, Windham 
Jessica Clegg, Hudson 
Jim Epperson, Salem 
Jim Pembroke, Tilton 
Joan Nelson, Brookfields 
John Mandrioli, Londonderry 
Jonathan Zoller, Concord 
Joseph Gosselin, Durham 
Joseph Lloyd, Bethlehem 
Judith Corson, Manchester 
Justin Coache, Bow 
Kathleen Goldman, Rye 
Ken Leonard, Farmington 
Kent Lapage 
Kevin Mchugh, Salem 
Kim Epperson, Salem 
Kuny Corson, Manchester 
Laura Morgan, Manchester 
Lee Carveill, Londonderry 
Les Duncan, Nashua 
Leslie Burns, Bedford 
Lisa Blais, Manchester 
Lucas Liimatainen, Durham 
Marc Saidel, Bedford 
Marcia Healey, Salem 
Maria Schaafsma, Manchester 
Marilyn Valentine, Nashua 
Mark McAdams, Manchester 
Matthew Ellis, Auburn 
Michael Douglass, Grantham 
Michelle Desjardins, Candia 
Mike Barrett 
Mike Duthe, Durham 
Pastor Gregg Lull 
Patrick Paul, Durham 
Patti O'Hara-D'Addorio, Newmarket 
Paul Goldman, Rye 
Paul Preston, Lee 
Paula Young, Wolfeboro 
Peter Martos, Durham 
PG Mc Adams 
Phillip McAdams, Manchester 
Pierre Dionne, Hudson 
Polly Gagnon, Bedford 
Richard Calantonio, Brentwood 
Richard Ellwood, Bedford 
Richard Reeve, Hudson 
Roger Jackson, Francestown 
Roland Raiche, Manchester 
Sarah Neville, Londonderry 
Scott Ridlon, Farmington 
Sharon Holcombe, Barrington 
Steve Ferri, Mirrow Lake 
Steven Doyle, Stratham 
Susan Baynes, Londonderry 
Susan Bull, Londonderry 
Teresa Grice, Manchester 
Tim Peloquin, Chester 
Todd Ferris, Barrington 
Vivian Desmarais 
Wendy Brown, Dover 
William Nelson, Brookfields 
Zachory Clifton, Sandown 

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