Key People-Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)
updated November 21, 2007

9340 Fuerte Drive, Suite 302 La Mesa, CA   in the states >
Honorary National Chairman Chuck Yeager, retired general, USAF

Campaign Chairman Dan McKinnon
Commissioner on the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves.  Founded North American Airlines in 1989 and is president emeritus.  Did special projects for the Central Intelligence Agency in the mid-1980s.  Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, 1981-84; oversaw deregulation and the shutdown of the agency.  Owned and operated two radio stations in San Diego for 23 years and spent four years as publisher of a newspaper in La Jolla, California.  Four years in the U.S. Navy as an aviator; he set, and holds, the Navy helicopter peacetime air/sea record of 62 saves.  Member of the Country Music Radio Hall of Fame; author of Rescue Pilot (2002).
Campaign Manager Roy Tyler
(Communications Director until Sydney Hay started congressional campaign in late August 2007)  Restaurant owner for 38 years, recently retired from that business (Tyler's Taste of Texas in El Cajon).  Has worked as an electrical contractor and HVAC contractor.  Two tours in Viet Nam with the USN Seabees.  Attended Texas Tech University but no degree, Viet Nam instead.
Communications Director Gary Becks
(started Sept.or Oct. 2007)  Special assistant to Congressman Hunter in his California District office.  President and founder of Rescue Task Force, a non-profit organization that has provided food, medical supplies and support to victims of natural and man-made disasters since 1988.  A former fire department battalion commander.  Served in Viet Nam with the Third Marines as a Med-Evac corpsman.  Author of "But I Can Still Carry Half A Load," about his exploits during the Cold War.

Regional Directors
Southern Carolyn Polish

Western Craig Keller

North Central Chris Chojnowski

Midwest Sean Cole

Northeast John BaRoss

Scheduling Assistant Mary Hammrick

Treasurer Bruce Young
Principal of Bruce E. Young Contract Management Services in San Diego, CA. since 1992.  B.S. in finance, San Diego State University, 1974; CPA, 1978.
Senior Advisor Sydney Hay
(Campaign Manager through the Straw Poll; announced her own campaign for Congress in Arizona's 1st CD on Aug. 30, 2007)  Owner of Southwest Policy Group, a public affairs consulting firm in Arizona.  Clients have included Congressman Trent Franks (political director on his 2006 re-election campaign), Congressman JD Hayworth, Senator Jon Kyl, Alan Keyes for President 1996 and 2000, Pat Robertson for President, 1988, as well as small businesses, taxpayer groups and school choice.   Unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination in Arizona's 1st CD in 2002 (Rick Renzi won).  Radio talk show host.  B.S. in education from Kansas Newman College, now Newman University.
Director of Internet Outreach Nathan Tabor
Founder of TheConservativeVoice and CEO of  2006 State Senate candidate.  2004 Congressional candidate.  Author of The Beast on the East River (published by Thomas Nelson).

(Also in Feb. 2007 Tabor brought on John Hawkins, who blogs at Right Wing News, as an independent contractor..."point person in building up buzz for Duncan Hunter work a maximum of 3 months for the campaign").

in the states
Co-Director Tim Grover

Co-Director Greg Grant
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State Director Bob Bevill
From Merrimack.  Runs an Internet service company.  Chairman of the Eagle Forum of New Hampshire.  Challenged 1st CD Congressman Jeb Bradley in the 2004 Republican primary.
Deputy Director Bernie Dolan
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Co-Director Tonya Hendricks

Co-Director Mike Dixon
Former 4th Congressional District GOP Chair and current member of the South Carolina Ports Authority.
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More States
ALABAMA Matt Wyers
FLORIDA Dennis McCarthy
IDAHO Lacey Weidner
INDIANA Mary Ann Cole
MAINE Tracy Arcari
and endorsed by the Missouri Republican Assembly (announced Nov. 2007)
NORTH CAROLINA Kimberley Johnson
NEVADA Kristie Parker
Tim Shepard
NEW YORK Adam Kuliszewski
OHIO Gloria Wills
Wes Oppenheimer
TENNESSEE Sue Thornton
TEXAS Heidi Thiess
VIRGINIA Robert Berry
WEST VIRGINIA Darrell Ashworth


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