Duncan Hunter-Organization, Iowa
updated October 25, 2007

Iowa State Director Greg Grant
from Preston, Iowa.

Tim Grover of Maquoketa

Iowa State Director Patrick Anderson
(started July 2007; announced July 16...through the Straw Poll)  This is Anderson's third presidential campaign of the cycle.  He worked with Marlys Popma in coalitions on the recently imploded John McCain 2008 campaign and earlier was Iowa coordinator for the John Cox for President campaign.  Campaign manager for Tom Sooter for Iowa Senate; campaign manager for Kenneth Young for Iowa Senate; and worked on Congressman Tom Lathamís 2006 re-election campaign.  Anderson is employed by the Iowa State University Department of Residence.  Before that, he was an Adjunct Professor at Ellsworth Community College.  He began his professional career in real estate working for and owning a custom building business.  He has served as a marriage and family counselor, a pastor, and an evangelist.  J.D. from Oak Brook College of Law; Master's degree in counseling and Bachelorís degree from Shalom Bible College and Seminary. Anderson and his family live in Hubbard, Iowa.