Iowa activity/support for former potential candidates
updated Jan. 6, 2007
Evan Bayh
Midwest Political Director for All America PAC Chris Hayler
Hayler served as Southeast regional field director on Kerry's Iowa caucus campaign starting March 1, 2003.  Directed the Iowa Coordinated Campaign in the 1st CD in 2002.  Regional organizer for the Alliance for Justice, organizing youth for gun control.  Field organizer for Gore in Washington State.  M.A. in political management and B.A. in political science from George Washington University.

On August 15 All America PAC announced deployment of 50 graduates of its campaign-training program to work as paid staffers on campaigns in Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  Fully half of the staffers were sent to Iowa.

Bill Frist
VOLPAC Iowa Chairman Brian Kennedy
(announced July 13, 2006)  Attorney affiliated with the Davenport law firm of Gallagher, Millage & Gallagher, P.L.C.; resident of Bettendorf.  Most recently competed in the June 2006 primary to be the Republican nominee in Iowa's First Congressional District (announced April 2005).   In 2003, founded Campaign of One, a Republican committee dedicated to creating a new generation of political entrepreneurs in Eastern Iowa.  A co-founder of Progress for America, a national grassroots issue advocacy organization working to support President Bush's legislative agenda.  National political director on Lamar Alexander's 2000 presidential campaign, then joined the McCain campaign as national political consultant.  Has served as Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, a member of the Republican National Committee, a Co-Chairman of the Republican National Convention Platform Committee, and Executive Director of the Republican Governors Association as well as a political advisor or campaign manager to former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and several other Republican candidates.  Graduated from Iowa State University and Drake University Law School.  Grew up in Eastern Iowa.
VOLPAC Iowa Field Director Marcus Branstad
(first reported late June 2006)  Graduated from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake in May 2006.  Youngest child of former Gov. Terry and Chris Branstad.

Russ Feingold
Friend/Volunteer - Paul Tewes.   (visited Iowa and made some recommendations in advance of Sen. Feingold's first trip there on April 28-29, 2006)
Campaign manager of Americans United to Protect Social Security in 2005; formed a consulting firm with Steve Hildebrand in early 2005.  Political director of the DSCC in the 2004 cycle.  Field director on Vice President Al Gore's 2000 Iowa caucus campaign starting in June 1999.  Executive director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, 1998.  Managed Sandy Pappas’ mayoral campaign in St. Paul in 1997.  Managed U.S. Rep. David Minge's re-election campaign in 1996.  Western MN field coordinator for Ann Wynia's U.S. Senate campaign in 1994.  Graduate of Carleton College with a degree in Political Science, 1993.  Native of Mt. Lake, MN.

Grassroots Supporter - Patrick Stansberry.
Stansberry, who lives in central Iowa, ran the Iowa for Feingold blog (launched Jan. 16, 2006).
"I have lived in central Iowa my entire life.  I headed off to college at the University of Iowa thinking I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  After graduating and working for a year, I decided to go back to school to get my elementary education degree.  I recently graduated [Dec. 2005] and will be teaching 2nd grade starting in August [Aug. 2006]."

Mark Warner
Starting August 2006, Forward Together PAC paid the salary of Courtney Dozier, who worked for the Iowa Democratic Party.  (Most recently deputy director of the House Democratic Caucus in Virginia.  Deputy field director for America Coming Together West Virginia in 2004.  Graduate of George Mason University.)

Grassroots Supporter - Matthew Moore.
Draft Mark Warner Iowa Coordinator.

Grassroots Supporter - John Zimmerman (Yellowdogjz).

Zimmerman, who describes himself as "a concerned Democrat in southeast Iowa," runs the Iowa for Mark Warner 2008 blog (first postings on March 14, 2006).

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