PRESS RELEASE from College & Young Democrats of Iowa PAC
December 14, 2007 
Contact:           Alexandra Acker


Washington, DC – The College &Young Democrats of Iowa and the Young Democrats of America today launched an effort to educate the students of Iowa about their eligibility to participate in the Iowa caucuses.

Beginning with a full-page ad in the Des Moines Register, the education effort will continue with Facebook ads designed to reach college students confused by misinformation about who can participate in the Iowa caucuses.  Students will be directed to, a one-stop online resource with information about caucus eligibility and procedures, where to find their caucus location, and other important information.

"Nine months of the year, I live in Iowa, go to school in Iowa, and pay taxes in Iowa. I have a stake in my community," said Alec Schierenbeck, originally from New York and now a student at Grinnell College and President of the College & Young Democrats of Iowa. "Now I want to make my voice heard by caucusing to help determine who our Democratic nominee will be and who will lead our country in a new direction. Iowa law clearly says that I have the right to register to vote in Iowa."

"Young Democrats are committed to protecting the right to vote for young people and to helping every Iowa student and every young voter participate in the caucus and primary process in their state," said Alexandra Acker, Executive Director of Young Democrats of America.  "There is a young voter revolution going on in America, with the youth vote reaching record levels in 2004 and 2007.  We won't let misinformation stop that trend."

Alec is joined by Amanda Halfacre, a student at Iowa State University, originally from Texas, and President of the Iowa State University Democrats and Steven Anderson, a student at Loras College, originally from Wisconsin, and President of the Loras College Democrats in the ad today. They will continue to speak out in the days leading up to the January 3rd caucuses making sure that other students know that under Iowa law they can caucus with fellow Iowa Democrats.

"On Thursday, January 3rd, we are going to caucus," said all three. "It is our right – affirmed by both by the letter and spirit of the law – to caucus."

The Iowa Democratic Party and the Iowa Secretary of State agree: all Iowa students can register to vote in Iowa and caucus. A student who attends an Iowa college or university may participate in the Iowa caucuses if they are:

For more information, resources, links, caucus locations, and information about what you need to take with you to your caucus, visit


The Young Democrats of America (YDA) is the largest youth-led, national, partisan political organization. YDA mobilizes young people under the age of 36 to participate in the electoral process, influences the ideals of the Democratic Party, and develops the skills of the youth generation to serve as leaders at the local and national level.


PRESS RELEASE from Iowa Democratic Party
For Immediate Release
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 
Contacts: Carrie Giddins/Chris Allen

Iowa Democratic Party Clarifies College Student Participation in the Democratic Caucuses

Des Moines – In response to numerous inquiries from both the media and the public, the Iowa Democratic Party issued a statement from Chairman Scott Brennan clarifying the eligibility of college students to attend their caucus and declare their presidential preference:

“In running the First in the Nation Caucuses, the Iowa Democratic Party follows the Iowa Code in determining the eligibility of potential caucus goers. According to the Iowa Code, all college students who are at least 18 years old are eligible to vote and, therefore, eligible to caucus.

Any student who attends an Iowa college or university may participate in the Iowa caucuses provided they are 18 by November 4, 2008, and are a registered Democrat in the precinct in which they wish to caucus.

The Iowa Democratic Party encourages all eligible caucus goers to attend their precinct caucuses on January 3rd to strengthen the Democratic Party and declare their presidential preference.”

Iowa Code

The Iowa Code, 48A.5A (2007):

Iowa Secretary of State

Information on Iowa’s Secretary of State’s website:

Iowa Residents Attending College in Iowa

If you are an Iowa resident attending college at an Iowa school (i.e. University of Iowa-Johnson County) that is in a different county than your hometown (Des Moines-Polk County), you may register to vote in:

          (You cannot register to vote in both locations)

Iowa Resident Attending College Outside Iowa

If you are an Iowa resident (i.e. Council Bluffs) attending college in another state (i.e. University of Nebraska), you may register to vote in:

          (You cannot register to vote in both locations)

Non-Iowa Resident Attending College in Iowa

If you are from another state (i.e. Missouri) and are attending college in Iowa (i.e. Iowa State University), you may register to vote in:

          (You cannot register to vote in both locations)