Paid Presidential Campaign Jobs

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Date: 2007-09-24, 6:58PM CDT

Seeking 8 experienced (non-profit or political) organizers full time, and 12 field interns(6 part and 6 fulltime). Job Candidates must be residents of Iowa. Position begin December 15th and end Jan 15th. Candidates should be driven to and committed to progressive change.

"Full time organizers": $1000 per week(must be able to committ to 50 hours per week traveling state and attending meeting and house parties, mostly at night.
Fundraising not involved.) Meals and travel paid.

"Field interns": $15 per hour 15 to 30 hours per week(max).Meals and travel paid.

Must be over 21, students and verterans and senior citizens welcome.

Please forward resume and information to John O'Connell c/o the email address privide. If the proper are found phone interview follow by a in person interview Oct 17 will follow.

Visit ( )for information on Mr. Nader.

Ralph Nader Democratic Caucus Campaign Draft Committee.
New York, New York