Republican Party of Iowa - Organization, Jan. 2008
Headquarters: 621 East Ninth Street, Des Moines, IA 50309
updated February 22, 2008
Chairman Ray Hoffman
(elected on Jan. 15, 2005; re-elected Jan. 13, 2007) Hoffmann, from Sioux City, is a stockbrocker and owns Luciano's Restaurant.  He has been a member of the State Central Committee since 1993 and served as the party's treasurer starting in May 1995.  photo
Executive Director Chuck Laudner
Previously chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Steve King (IA-5).
Political Director Craig Robinson

Caucus Organization Chad Olsen
Campaign manager on Tommy Thompson's Iowa caucus campaign, Jan.-Aug. 2007.  Previously Olsen had been running a small business in Panora with his wife.  Managed the Sukup for Governor primary campaign in 2002.  Political director on the Forbes 2000 Iowa caucus campaign.  Legislative liaison for State Auditor Dick Johnson.  Field staffer on Jim Ross Lightfoot's gubernatorial primary campaign in 1998.  Field staffer on Jim Ross Lightfoot's 1996 challenge to Sen. Tom Harkin.  Field staffer on Sen. Phil Gramm's 1996 Iowa caucus campaign.  Started on campaigns working on Pres. George H.W. Bush's 1992 re-election effort in Washington, DC.  B.A. in economics and political science from Boston University.
Caucus Organization Eric Johansen

Communications Director Mary Tiffany
Worked at the White House for a little over two years in the Office of Presidential Advance as a press lead, then on the staff side.  Did press advance on Bush-Cheney '04 and worked on the Inauguration.  Worked for Gordon C. James Public Relations.  Graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill.  Born and raised in Des Moines.
Finance Director Darrell Kearney
Senior campaign adviser in Iowa and Midwest finance director on Elizabeth Dole's presidential run in 1999.  Bob Dole's campaign manager in Iowa in 1995 and 1996.

State Central Committee
Chairman - Ray Hoffmann, Sioux City

Co-Chairman - Leon Mosley, Waterloo

Executive Director - Chuck Laudner, Des Moines

Legal Counsel - Matt McDermott, Des Moines

Pres. IFRW - Kathy Pearson, Cedar Rapids

National Committeewoman - Phyllis Kelly, Charles City
National Committeeman - Steve Roberts, Des Moines

First District
Karl Gilbertson, Cedar Falls
Dan Nicholson, Dubuque
John Ortega, Bettendorf

Second District
Lisa Smith, Ottumwa - Secretary
Mark Lucas, Wilton
Bill Vernon, Cedar Rapids

Third District
Steve Scheffler, West Des Moines
Loras Schulte, Norway
Ted Sporer, Clive

Fourth District
Bonnie Hall, Boone
Matt Randall, Ames
Larry Smith, Truro

Fifth District
Bill Anderson, Sioux City
Reid Houser, Treynor - Treasurer
Dave Raak, Hospers
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