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More than 70,000 Pork Chop on a Sticks were sold at the Fair this year, a record.

Pork Tent Facts: 

          -More than 13,500 Iowa chops, 7,000 pork loin sandwiches, 9,000 BBQ shredded pork
          sandwiches and 6,000 ground pork sandwiches were served at the 2006 Iowa Pork Tent. 

          -More than 50 celebrity chefs appeared at the 2006 Iowa Pork Tent, including the 2006 Iowa
          State Fair Queen, U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, U.S. Congressman Tom Latham, U.S. Congressman
          Jim Nussle, Iowa State Head Women's Basketball Coach Bill Fennelly, and a number of Des
          Moines radio and television personalities. 

          -100 volunteers worked at the Pork Tent each day of the fair; or 1,100 total all 11 days of the
          Iowa State Fair.

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