Fire Fighters Hear from Eleven Presidential Hopefuls
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March 14, 2007--Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) was the last candidate to address the IAFF 2008 Presidential Forum.  He took off his jacket and delivered a speech that generated the most enthusiastic response of any of the candidates.
Speech notes.  "I can't guarantee you much, but I can guarantee you one thing.  With or without your endorsement, if I am the next president of the United States of America you will never have had any president that is more loyal and more devoted to you than Joe Biden."  

After telling the audience about how much he personally owes fire fighters, Biden focused on Iraq, stating, 

"There's a big boulder sitting in the middle of the road.  It's called Iraq.  In order for us to restore our flexibility and credibility to deal with our problems at home as well as abroad, we have to solve that problem.  It's the single biggest issue because it affects everything else."
He outlined "the critical two word test" on Iraq: "After you do what you propose, then what?" The only alternative that answers that question, Biden said, is a federal system.  "Separate the parties; give them breathing room," he said.

In the latter part of his speech, Biden talked about the importance of unions generally.  The Bush administration, Biden said, "is waging a war on labor's house."  "There is a middle class for one reason and only one reason in America.  Organized labor.  That's why it exists," Biden declared, prompting a standing ovation.  "This administration has lined up ten deep to strip away a hundred years of labor progress," Biden declared.  Biden worked some of the IAFF priorities into his close:

"They tell you they love you, but just like Cuba Gooding, show me the money.  Show me the money.  Next time my friends tell you, particularly on the opposite side of the aisle they love you, say don't kiss me; pass the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act.  Don't tell me you love me; pass the FIRE Act.  Don't tell me you love me; give me the money."
Biden also spoke at last year's IAFF Legislative Conference.
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