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March 14, 2007--Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) addressed the IAFF 2008 Presidential Forum.  
Speech notes.  Gov. Richardson described his position in the race thusly.  "I'm still in the second tier; I'm trying to move up, I'm trying to get up there.  And I have been moving up."  Early in his speech he noted one distinction between himself and other Democrats.  "Everywhere I go, I say to my staff, should I say this?  And they say no don't say it.  Well I'm going to say it here.  I believe I'm the only Democratic candidate that is pro-gun, pro-owners' rights, pro-2nd Amendment."  

"I'm with you on all the issues," Richardson said.

Making his pitch for the IAFF endorsement, Richardson said, 

"Don't get too hasty.  Don't look at who has the most bucks; I can tell you that's not going to be me.  Who is the most rock star.  That won't be me.  But, maybe I'll get there--I'm trying to lose some weight.  Just look at the record and look at what we've done."
Richardson also spoke at the IAFF Legislative Conference last year.

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