The Heat is On-Organization
...A partnership project of the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund

"Making Global Warming a Presidential Priority"
Director Navin Nayak
(started August 2006)  Prior to joining LCV, Navin worked at Environmental Action and for about three years as an environmental advocate with the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), where he focused on energy issues.  Other experience includes work for World Wildlife Fund Canada, where he helped pass a federal bill to protect public health from the effects of pesticides.  Educated as an ecologist at McGill University and Nayak also earned a Masterís degree in environmental studies from York University.
Deputy Director vacant
(Mike Palamuso held this position through Sept. 1, 2007)

Project Director Steve Falck
(March 2007)  Elected to the Iowa State House of Representatives in 1996 from a rural district in NE Iowa.   Served in the House for five years, then resigned his seat to work for Gov. Tom Vilsack and Lt. Gov. Sally Pederson.  Member of the Governor's policy team and lobbied the Iowa House of Representatives. When Vilsack's final term was over, Falck opened a small lobby shop and IGW is one of his clients.
Michael Carberry
In addition to his work at, Carberry is currently chair of the Iowa City area group of the Sierra Club and a member of the state executive committee of the Sierra Club, and serves on the boards of directors of the Iowa Renewable Energy Association and of Citizens for Public Power.  He formerly served as campaign manager of Citizens for Public Power.  B.B.A. in marketing and communications from University of Iowa.  From Iowa City.
Lindsey Ellerbach


NEW HAMPSHIRE - Granite State Conservation Voters
Project Director Bruce Clendenning
Prior to joining GSCV, Clendenning spent five and a half years in the policy department of the Appalachian Mountain Club.  He worked for three years as public information officer for the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality in the State Superfund Program.  M.A. in resource and environmental policy from The George Washington University and a B.A. from Brandeis University.  Also of note, in the first part of 2007 Clendenning was trained by Vice President Al Gore in his climate change slide show as a part of The Climate Project.

SOUTH CAROLINA - Conservation Voters of South Carolina
Project Director John Ramsburg
Ramsburg worked for Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. in Asheville, North Carolina, for the 2006 Congressional races.  In 2004 he worked for the coordinated campaign in Michigan.  He has a background in labor organizing, having served as a steward in the Graduate Employees Organization at the University of Michigan.  Graduate of the University of Virginia, 1992.

NEVADA - Nevada Conservation League Education Fund
Project Coordinator Chris Edwards
Edwards returned to Las Vegas in January 2007.  Most recently he served as the labor representative for Central California with the California Nurses Association.  He served as a nursing labor representative with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) where he worked on projects in various states including Nevada for several years.  He has served as field staff, as well as volunteered for numerous campaigns, including John McCain's 2000 presidential campaign.  Edwards was born and raised in Northern California.  His passion for being a good steward of our Earth's environment, and all of creation, comes directly from his strong Christian faith.

Deputy Director Mike Palamuso
(moved over to direct LCV campaigns starting Sept. 1, 2007)  Palamuso started at LCV in the first part of 2004 as Wisconsin state director for the Environmental Victory Project.  Worked on Sen. John Edwards' primary campaign starting as Manchester, NH area regional field coordinator on May 8, 2003, then serving as voter contact coordinator, and, after the NH primary working field for the campaign in Buffalo, New York for the March 2 primary.  Deputy director at the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  In the 2002 cycle he worked as a regional field director for the New Hampshire Democrats' Coordinated Campaign, then worked on Sen. Landrieu's runoff in Louisiana.  Staff associate at Fingerhut, Powers, Smith and Associates.  Graduate of St. Bonaventure University, 1999.
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