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Ten issue areas; a paragraph of text on each.  Two of the issues--Iraq: A Way Forward and Homeland Security--have links to more detailed pages.

-Iraq: A Way Forward
-Afghanistan and Darfur
-Health Care
-Access to Higher Education
-Preparing for College
-Homeland Security
-Climate Change

Ten issue areas, each with an introductory paragraph and a link to a more detailed page.  The detailed pages include a general overview of the issue, a "Ready to Lead" section with specific accomplishments, and a video clip.

-Strengthening the Middle Class
-Providing Affordable and Accessible Health Care
-Ending the War in Iraq
-Promoting Energy Independence and Fighting Global Warming
-Fulfilling Our Promises to Veterans
-Supporting Parents and Caring for Children
-Restoring America's Standing in the World
-A Champion for Women
-Comprehensive Government Reform
-Strengthening Our Democracy

The Dodd site does not give a full button and separate page to issues, but instead has a little blue button on the right side that produces a window with six issues.
-Foreign Affairs

These link to six issue pages; each has some general text, The Dodd Agenda, The Dodd Record, and a place for Comments.  

The Dodd site relauched on May 23 (just a few days ago as of this writing), and several comments show that work needs to be done to bolster the issues content.  ("Chris Dodd what is your position on Immigration and Amnesty? What is your plan to bring the troops home? Do you believe that Iran is a nuclear threat?"  "Where do you stand on abortion, birth control, and other reproductive health issues? I don't see this anywhere on the site.")

Five broad issue areas, each with an introductory paragraph.  Three of the issues--Health Care, Eliminating Poverty and Global Warming--have "Read More" links that connect to detailed proposals (a lot of text, no downloads or video).

-Restoring America's Moral Leadership in the World
-Guaranteeing Affordable, Quality Health Care for Every American
-Eliminating Poverty
-Strengthening America's Middle Class
-Leading the Fight against Global Warming and Our Addiction to Foreign Oil

This is most extensive issue area of any candidate website.  Under an introductory note from Kucinich are Ten Key Issues, each of which links to a page, sometimes a lengthy page, of text.

-Universal Health Care 
-International Cooperation: US out of Iraq, UN in 
-Jobs and Withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO 
-Repeal of the "Patriot Act" 
-Guaranteed Quality Education, Pre-K Through College 
-Full Social Security Benefits at Age 65 
-Right-to-Choose, Privacy and Civil Rights 
-Balance Between Workers and Corporations 
-Environmental Renewal and Clean Energy 
-Restored Rural Communities and Family Farms 

In addition to Kucinich's Ten Key Issues, down the right side are ten broad issue areas encompassing from five to 13 bullet points on very specific topics.

Also of note on the issue pages are "Related Stories" and "Related Forum Topics" links.

There is so much content it is possible to get a bit lost.

Twelve issue areas, each with an introductory paragraph, link to more detailed pages. (The format is very similar to that of the Clinton page with the use of the small photos running down the left side).

-Strengthening America Overseas
-Plan to End the Iraq War
-Creating a Healthcare System that Works
-Energy and the Environment
-Improving Our Schools
-Protecting Our Homeland
-Immigration and the Border
-Protecting the Right to Vote
-Honoring Our Veterans
-Cleaning Up Washington's Culture of Corruption
-Strengthening Families and Communities
-Reconciling Faith and Politics

Seven issue areas each with an introductory paragraph; clicking on the paragraph leads to a detailed page on the issue.  Down the right side of the individual issue pages are links to "Activist Downloads," "Related News," and "Related Press Releases."  Another nice feature is a "What do you think?" button.

-Health Care
-Foreign Policy

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