PRESS RELEASE from John Edwards for President

October 15, 2007

Dan Leistikow


Iowa SEIU members say Edwards has the best plans to make Washington work for working Americans

Des Moines, Iowa – Today, the Iowa state council of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) will announce its endorsement of Senator John Edwards for president. The announcement will take place at a press conference with the Iowa SEIU Local 199 at the Eckstein Medical Research Building in Iowa City. A number of other SEIU State Councils will also be announcing their endorsement of Edwards as part of the event – giving Edwards' organization in Iowa a significant boost from around the country. The endorsements will allow these SEIU state councils to organize efforts to turn out caucus goers on Edwards’ behalf within Iowa, and in any other state where the SEIU state councils have also endorsed Edwards.

“As a Registered Nurse who knows first hand the need for health care reform, it's a great honor to announce that the members of SEIU Iowa have chosen to endorse John Edwards for president of the United States,” said Iowa SEIU Local 199 President Cathy Glasson. “In Iowa, we are uniquely positioned to see and hear the candidates, and members are well informed on the issues important to working families. John Edwards earned our support by taking a strong stand on health care and because he offers our members the greatest hope for restoring the American Dream.”

“SEIU is at the forefront of the fight to make work pay and provide economic security to hardworking families. I have proudly stood with them on the frontlines of the fight for working Americans for years, and I am honored to earn their support today,” said Edwards. “Together, I believe we can fix the broken system in Washington that has been rigged by corporate interests, and we can make this country work for regular Americans again.”

In September, Edwards earned the endorsement of the Transport Workers Union of America (200,000 active and retired members), the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (520,000 active members), the United Steelworkers (1.2 million active members and retirees), and the United Mine Workers of America (105,000 active members and retirees).