For Immediate Release
June 22, 2006
Communications Director
Office of the Governor


  Statement of Gov. John Lynch On DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Vote

  Gov. Lynch released the following statement on today's vote by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee
"The Rules Committee made some progress today by rejecting a plan that would have placed multiple events between Iowa and New Hampshire.  But if the true goal of this effort was to increase diversity and voter participation, that could have been better achieved with a plan that New Hampshire Democrats offered.

"Unfortunately, a small group of party insiders seems more intent on undermining a presidential nominating tradition that has worked well for 50 years - a tradition which ensures that the voices of ordinary citizens are heard.  Even more unfortunate is that DNC Chairman Howard Dean - who never would have had the opportunity to be considered a serious presidential contender without the New Hampshire primary - is supporting their efforts.

"Meanwhile, the New Hampshire primary is already underway.  Potential presidential candidates are already making frequent visits to New Hampshire to meet with voters, to hold town hall meetings, to attend house parties and to participate in our great primary traditions.  They are also increasingly showing their support for New Hampshire by opposing changes to the nominating calendar or promising to participate in the New Hampshire primary, no matter what the DNC does.

"I fully expect that Secretary of State Bill Gardner will consider the actions of the DNC, and others, such as the West Virginia Republican Party effort to move up its nomination event, to determine whether they infringe on New Hampshire's primary tradition.  And I will support fully any decision he makes to protect New Hampshire's primary, including moving up the date.

"This fight isn't over.  In the end, I am confident that New Hampshire and its first-in-the-nation tradition will prevail.  The DNC did not give New Hampshire its primary, and it will not take it away."

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