PRESS RELEASE from the Office of Gov. John Lynch
For Immediate Release
August 19, 2006
  Communications Director
Office of the Governor

 Gov. Lynch Announces 10 Potential Democratic Presidential Candidates Give Written Commitments to Participate in NH Primary

 -No Matter What the Date

 CONCORD -Gov. John Lynch announced today that 10 potential Democratic candidates for President have given him written commitments that if they run in 2008 they will participate in the New Hampshire primary -no matter what the date.

"The DNC did not give New Hampshire its primary, and it is not taking away.  I have sought and already received written commitments from 10 potential Democratic presidential candidates that they will participate in the New Hampshire primary on whatever date the Secretary of State sets," Gov. Lynch said.

"These candidates, like former President Bill Clinton, recognize that the New Hampshire primary plays an invaluable role in the presidential nominating process for voters across the nation and for candidates themselves.  That is why they offered these commitments and why they are already campaigning in New Hampshire," Gov. Lynch said.

Governors Tom Vilsack and Bill Richardson, former Governor Mark Warner, Senators Evan Bayh, John Kerry, Chris Dodd, Russ Feingold, John Edwards and Joe Biden, and General Wesley Clark have written to Gov. Lynch promising to campaign in New Hampshire no matter what the date of the primary.

Under New Hampshire law, Secretary of State Bill Gardner sets the date for the primary.  Under a new law Gov. Lynch signed this year, the Secretary of State will be able to hold the filing period for the primary before he even sets the date of the primary.

"I am gravely unhappy with Chairman Dean and the DNC for their misplaced priorities and effort to undermine a 50-year-old tradition that has served candidates and voters across the nation well.  Ignoring the advice of President Clinton and most of our party's Presidential candidates, the DNC has embraced a plan that worsens the problem of frontloading, conflicts with the laws of Iowa and New Hampshire, and could result in chaos for the nominating process," Gov. Lynch said.

"I want to thank those states and the potential presidential candidates that joined with New Hampshire in standing up to this foolishness," Gov. Lynch said.  "But in the end, the DNC's action doesn't matter, as the commitments I have received from potential presidential candidates proves.  The New Hampshire primary tradition will continue."