PRESS RELEASE from John McCain 2008

For Immediate Release
January 25, 2008  Contact: Press Office

John McCain 2008 Announces Florida Family Issues Leaders For McCain

ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced that a coalition of family issues leaders and activists from across the State of Florida have endorsed John McCain for president. This broad coalition includes close to 100 leaders and activists from the pro-life, pro-family and faith-based communities.

"John McCain has a consistent 24-year pro-life voting record. I trust him to do what is right for the unborn, the women who are struggling with decisions about their unborn children and the pro-family movement as a whole," said Pastor Glen Morris of Tarpon Springs.

"I am honored to be supporting John McCain, a man dedicated to nominating judges at all federal levels who understand their calling -- to interpret law, not to legislate from the bench," said State Representative John Legg of Port Richey. "There is no one in the field of presidential candidates better equipped to drive this process than John McCain."

"Senator McCain has voted solidly pro-life for 24 years. That's the commitment and leadership we need now," stated Pro-life leader Sol Pinchot of Pinellas County.

John McCain expressed his appreciation, stating, "I am grateful to have the support of this distinguished coalition of family issues leaders and activists. I am proud to stand side-by-side with them on many of the most critical issues of our day: defending the sanctity of human life, upholding traditional marriage, expanding educational choice and defending America from the threats that we face around the globe. I have fought my entire life to protect religious freedom and human rights around the world. I look forward to working with these leaders in the weeks and months ahead as we take our shared values to the White House."



Hon. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen -- Florida's 18th Congressional District
Hon. Lincoln Diaz-Balart -- Florida's 21st Congressional District
Hon. Mario Diaz-Balart -- Florida's 25th Congressional District
Hon. Jeff Miller -- Florida's 1st Congressional District
Hon. Durell Peadon -- State Senator, Crestview
Hon. Mike Bennett -- State Senator, Sarasota-Bradenton
Hon. John Legg -- State Representative, Port Richey
Hon, Mike Bennett of Sarasota-Bradenton
Hon. Jimmy Patronis -- State Representative, Panama City
Hon. David Simmons -- State Representative, Maitland
Councilman Daniel Burgess, Zephyrhills
Pastor Jon Anderson -- St. Petersburg
Pastor Glen Gammon -- Clearwater
Pastor Glen Morris -- Tarpon Springs
Pastor Steve Wyns -- Dunedin
Pastor Mike Thomas -- Pinellas Park
Johnnie Byrd -- Former Speaker of the Florida House, Plant City
Bruce Host Former County Commissioner, Tallahassee
Sergio F. de Paz -- Director, Cubanos Desterrados Inc., Miami
Thomas J. Harrington -- Florida Statewide Values Coalition Coordinator for Katherine Harris, Gainesville
J.P. Linstroth -- Community Leader, West Palm Beach
Sol Pinchot -- Pro-life Leader, Pinellas County
Richard Albertson -- Founding President , Live to Live Ministries, Tallahassee
Catherine Sue "Catie" Weddle -- Student, Member, Orange County Florida Young Republicans, Orlando
John Dowless -- Former Executive Director, Florida Christian Coalition


Dr. Dan Arnold -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Ft. Lauderdale
Brittany Asher -- Military Families Advocate, Brandon
Margaret Bair -- Pro-life Advocate, Tampa
Claudia Sue Bigsby -- Pro-family Advocate, Orlando
Dr. Glenn E. Bigsby III -- Pro-family Advocate, Orlando
Rosemary Brady -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Tampa
Dolores Burns Bandy -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Fort Myers
Amanda Byrd -- Pro-family Advocate, Plant City
Melane Byrd -- Community Leader, Plant City
John Cicerelle -- Pro-military Family, Winter Park
Susan Cicerelle -- Pro-military Family, Winter Park
William Cousins -- Pro-life Advocate, Naples
Cynthia Crowe -- Pro-family Advocate, Venice
Dale Doss -- Pro-family Advocate, Tallahassee
Russell Doster -- Pro-family Advocate, Tallahassee
Peter M. Dyga -- Pro-family Advocate, Coconut Creek
Miguel Estrada -- Pro-family Advocate, Clearwater
Anamarie Estrada -- Pro-family Advocate, Clearwater
Duncan J. Farmer, Esq. -- Pro-family and Military Families Advocate, Palm Beach Gardens
Frank Farren -- Pro-life Leader, Naples
J. Monroe Fauntleroy -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Temple Terrace
Nancy Fetterman -- Community Leader, Pensacola
Dr. Luis R. Florez -- Pro-life Leader, Miami
Haydee Florez -- Pro-life Leader, Miami
Patricia Frank -- Church Activist, Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, St. Petersburg
Bryant Gay -- Pro-family Advocate, Tallahassee
Robert L. Gillette -- Pro-family Advocate, Ft. Lauderdale
John Goebel -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Naples
Bob Grant -- Pro-family Leader, Navrre
Al Grant -- Pro-life Advocate, Niceville
Daniel Greenough -- Pro-family/Pro-life/Pro-Marriage Advocate, Clearwater
Ernest Grymes -- Pro-life Advocate, Sarasota
William Harrington -- Pro-family Advocate, Parkland
Alisa Heitz, Royal Palm Beach
Norman Helfand -- Pro-family/Pro-life/Pro-Marriage Advocate, Largo
Howard Hill -- Pro-family Advocate, Niceville
Andrew Hosea -- Military Families Advocate, Miami Lakes
Ray Kaplan -- Pro-life/Pro-family Leaders, Pinellas County
Linnea Kaplan -- Pro-life/Pro-family Leaders, Pinellas County
Marti Leib -- Pro-family Leader, Pensacola
Thomas Linnen -- Pro-life Advocate, Ponte Vedra Beach
Roberto Marin -- Pro-life/Pro-family Veteran, Jupiter
Terry Marion -- Pro-family Advocate, Maitland
Thomas Minkoff, Esq
Edward Murcko -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Sebring
William Nelson -- Pro-family Advocate, Orlando
Bob Peraza -- Pro-family Advocate, Clermont
Jason Pierman -- North Palm Beach
Mary Redmond -- Pro-life Advocate, Clearwater
Pat Redmond -- Pro-life Advocate, Clearwater
Tim Richmond -- Pro-family Advocate, Panama City
Cindy Roberts -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Tampa Bay
Sandra Rock -- Pro-life Advocate, Orlando
Edward Russell -- Pro-life Advocate, Zephyrhills
Jesse Sekitoleko -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Clearwater
Jo Ellen Sharp -- Pro-life Advocate, St. Petersburg
Filipe Sixto -- Pro-family Advocate, Miami
Ofelia Sixto -- Pro-family Advocate, Miami
Thomas Spence -- Pro-Family Advocate, Spring Hill
Cecilia Spence -- Pro-family Advocate, Spring Hill
Roy Tenn -- Pro-life Advocate, Village of Palmetto Bay
Raymond Vold -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Fort Myers
Rachel Vold -- Pro-life/Pro-family Advocate, Fort Myers
William F. Ward -- Military Family Leader, Melbourne
Dr. Samuel Weiss -- Miami Beach
Kevin Welsh -- Pro-life Advocate, New Port Richey
Bernie White -- Pro-life Advocate, Spruce Creek
Carole Wood -- Pro-Family Advocate, Port Charlotte
Joan Woods -- Pro-Family Advocate, Palm Coast
Ed Woods -- Pro-Family Advocate, Palm Coast

*Professional position and organization provided for identification purposes only.