PRESS RELEASE from John McCain 2008


For Immediate Release
Thursday, April 12, 2007   
Contact: Danny Diaz

ARLINGTON, VA – U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today announced that more than 200 veterans from around the country have endorsed the Arizona Senator for President and are working in their states to reach out to fellow veterans on his behalf.  Veterans supporting Senator John McCain have fought and represented the United States in every major conflict since World War II.

Lieutenant Colonel Orson Swindle flew over 205 fighter missions in Vietnam as a member of the United States Marine Corps.  He was held as a Prisoner of War for more than six years in North Vietnam.  Swindle has been awarded over 20 military decorations for valor in combat including two Silver Stars, two Bronze Stars, two Legions of Merit, and two Purple Hearts.

“I know John McCain, the man,” said Swindle.  “We served many difficult years together as POWs in Hanoi and have been close friends for over 35 years.  He has integrity, intellectual depth and honesty, courage in the face of adversity, and a life experience that sets him apart from others.  I have seen his true character under the harshest of circumstances and I can think of no better person to bring us together as a people, and to lead our nation through one of our most difficult times, than John McCain.”

Sergeant Major Paul Chevalier is a life member of Portsmouth Emerson Hovey VFW Post 168 and has served four times as Post Commander.  Chevalier has also served his fellow veterans as President of the Central Veterans Council of Portsmouth, VFW District 7 Commander, State Commander of the New Hampshire VFW, eight-time VFW State Legislative Chairman, member of the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Veterans Home, and member of the New Hampshire State Cemetery Council.

“As a fellow veteran, John McCain understands what it means to defend America and the values our nation represents,” said Chevalier.  “As Commander-In-Chief, I know John McCain will lead our Armed Forces with a strong and decisive hand.”

Knox Nunnally is a former Marine Infantry Captain, Second Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, who was awarded the Bronze Star for valor and a Purple Heart.

“As a veteran of three combat tours in Iraq as a Marine Infantry Officer, I am absolutely convinced that John McCain is the only candidate for president who understands the horrific consequences of losing this war and has a coherent plan for victory,” said Nunnally.

Vice Admiral Joe Mobley had a thirty-five year career in the United States Navy, including tours as the Commanding Officer of the Aircraft Carrier USS Saratoga during Operation Desert Storm and Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic.  He spent five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, during which he shared a cell with John McCain for approximately six months.

“John McCain is an American hero.  Whether in the skies over Vietnam, as a prisoner of war, or during his service in the United States Senate, John McCain has always taken principled stands,” said Mobley.  “He has also been the first to stand up for what he believes is right and has always worked for those of us who have worn the uniform of our nation’s military.”

Senator John McCain stated his utmost appreciation for such an outpouring of support from his fellow veterans.  “I am honored to have the support of these brave American heroes who understand, better than anyone, the sacrifices required of those who volunteer to serve their country on the battlefield,” said Senator McCain.  “These men and women have put their lives on the line to defend America and I will do everything in my power to honor their sacrifices.”




Commander Everett Alvarez

Captain Tom Barnett

Captain Norm Bednarek

Commander Terry Benson

Sergeant Major Paul Chevalier

Colonel George "Bud" Day

Captain Rob Deane

Miles Epling

Corporal Don Fisher

Lieutenant Colonel Hank Fuhs

Captain Frank Gamboa

Commander Paul Galanti

Colonel Mike Giglio

Captain William Stamps Howard

Representative Ric Killian

Admiral George Kinnear

Colonel Joseph Krawczyk

Jim Lacoursiere

Gary Lane

Commander Ray Lutz

Rear Admiral Tom Lynch

Captain Lou Marchetti

Don Marshall

Claude McManus

Donald Meskill

Colonel Thomas Moe

Honorable Victor Moffitt

Colonel Dominic Morelli

Colonel Ed Murphy

Captain Jim O’Connor

Rick Orlowski

Lieutenant Colonel John Pappageorge

Captain S. G. Payne

Rick Romley

Major Rocky Roskowski

Commander Duane Sand

Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad

Major John Sours

Major General Stan Spears

Lieutenant Colonel Orson Swindle

Ray Thomas

Sergeant Major Bill Womer



Colonel Robert Abbott

Rear Admiral John Adams

Commander Al Agnew

Michael Annis

Captain Karen Baetzel

Colonel Elmo Baker

Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Ballard

Petty Officer Russ Belk

Captain James Bell

Major Neil Black

Colonel Jack Bomar

Major General John Borling

Ernest Brace

Petty Officer Frank Brown

Colonel Ronald Byrne

Gunnery Sergeant Donald Caron

Colonel Larry Carrigan

Major General Tom Carter

First Sergeant William Cash

Beth Castricone

Colonel Robert Certain

William Champagne

Brigadier General Jim Chow

Commander C.D. Clower

Captain Gerald Coffee

Major Eddie Collins

Colonel Quincy Collins

Lieutenant General John Conaway

Captain Kenneth Coskey

Captain Michael Cronin

Griff Dalianis

Private First Class Roland Day

Major General Gene Deegan

Rich Denoyer

Lieutenant Colonel King Dixon

Earl Draayer

Colonel Chris Eaker

Brigadier General Russ Eggers

Colonel Lee Ellis

David Elwell

Captain John Ensch

Major General Merril Evans

Commander Robert Fant

Captain John Fellowes

Colonel John Fer

Corporal Adam Fisel

Colonel Nick Fletcher

Colonel Jackie Fogle

Lieutenant Colonel Les Folwell

Commander Laurence Friese

Rear Admiral Byron Fuller

Commander Ralph Gaither

Colonel Barry Gambrell

Dan Greenlaw

Colonel Ed Gripkey

Command Sergeant Major James Gunter

Captain Collins Haines

Second Lieutenant Josh Hansen

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Hanton

Rear Admiral Jesse Hernandez

Lieutenant Colonel Jay Hess

Captain David Hoffman

Master Sergeant Charles Holliday

Lieutenant John Hopkins

Major General Evan "Curly” Hultman

Dana Hussey

Major General Charles Ingram

Captain Charles Jackson

Paul Jackson

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Jacobs

Staff Sergeant Johnnie James

Captain Cy Kammeier

Staff Sergeant Dave Karle

Colonel James Kasler

Captain Thomas Klomann

Lieutenant Colonel Harold Kushner

Colonel Chuck Larson, Sr.

Captain Dale Lewey

Colonel Warren Lilly

James Lollar

Tom Mack

Robert Madigan

Gene Madsen

Vice Admiral Edward Martin

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Maslowski

Sergeant Rick McCallister

Captain Bruce McCandless

Captain James Mehl

Rear Admiral George Meinig

Brian Miller

Vice Admiral Joe Mobley

Rear Admiral Benjamin Montoya

Captain Ernest Moore

Captain Richard Mullen

Command Sergeant Major Thomas Myers

Major Spike Nasmyth

Colonel Perry Neese

Major General Lacy Nelson

Brigadier General Laurie Newton

Command Sergeant Major Stan Norman

Captain Knox Nunnally

Chief Warrant Officer Terry O'Conner

Lieutenant Colonel Donald Odell

Frank O'Neil

Sergeant Major Frank Owens

Eugene Pawlik

Brigadier General Maurice Phillips

Captain Hal Pierce

Colonel Ronald Pipkin

Captain Charles Plumb

Lieutenant Colonel Melvin Pollack

Colonel Ben Pollard

Lieutenant Colonel John Powers

Colonel Arnold Price

Captain Frederick Purrington

Lieutenant Colonel Dick Rattray

Captain Brian Ratzlaff

Brigadier General Jon Reynolds

Rich Robinson

Commander David Rollins

Brigadier General Wayne Rosenthal

Colonel Ed Rumsey

Sergeant Johnny Sanders

Major Wesley Schierman

Captain Peter Schoeffel

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Shaw

Specialist Brandon Shepherd

Rear Admiral Robert Shumaker

Captain Edwin Shuman

Brigadier General Tommy Sinclair

Colonel Orv Smidt

Captain Charles Smith

Colonel Joe Smoak

Staff Sergeant Frank Sossamon

Commander Larry Spencer

Robert St. Onge

Colonel Robert Stirm

Captain Richard Stratton

Captain Robert Stumpf

Captain Dick Tangeman

Captain Charles Tanner

Captain Barry Thigpen

Colonel Leo Thorsness

Command Sergeant Major Joseph Timmerman, Jr.

Colonel Terry Uyeyama

Colonel Jack Van Loan

Major Dick Vaughan

Colonel Steve Vinson

Colonel Wayne Waddell

Brigadier General W.L. "Bill” Wallace

Command Sergeant Major Franklin Ward

Major General Gary Wattnem

Rear Admiral Donald Weatherson

Mark Weber

Captain Peter Welch

Major Elizabeth West

Brigadier General Mitch Willoughby

Major General Eli Wisher

Chad Workman

Major General Al Zapanta

Captain Wade Zirkle