Oct. 19, 2006 PRESS RELEASE FROM Sen. John McCain's Straight Talk America PAC

Eleven College Republican Leaders Join Straight Talk America in South Carolina

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Eleven College Republican Leaders from South Carolina have joined Straight Talk America to form the South Carolina Youth Advisory Committee.  The committee will spread Senator McCain’s message of support for 2006 Republican candidates across the state’s college campuses.

Joining Straight Talk America:

Vic Bailey, IV                State College Republicans Chairman, Furman University

Matt Cash                     Former USC-Upstate College Republicans Vice Chairman

Josh Dix                        Clemson University College Republicans Co-Chair, State College Republicans Executive Director

Stephanie Fontenot        Wofford College Republicans Chairwoman

Taylor Hall                     Furman University College Republicans Chairman

Maribeth Kellenbenz       Charleston Southern University College Republicans Chairwoman

Alex Lewis                    Clemson University College Republicans Co-Chair, State College Republicans Treasurer

Kristin Munsey              College of Charleston College Republicans Chairwoman

Conner Parker               Lander University College Republicans Chairman

Joey Turner                   State College Republicans Communications Director, Furman University

Natalie Webster             Winthrop University College Republicans Chairwoman

Bailey, chairman of the State Chapter of College Republicans and former chairman of the Furman University College Republicans, said, “As a group of college Republican leaders, we look forward to helping Senator McCain elect Republicans across the state of South Carolina.  John McCain's principled conservative leadership has always provided a wonderful example for college Republicans.  We look forward to joining Senator McCain and Straight Talk America in their efforts to further the conservative cause this November.”

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting with these college Republican leaders in Greenville, and I look forward to working with them to elect Republican candidates to local, state, and national offices this fall,” said Senator John McCain.  “This group truly represents the next generation of leaders in our country, and I appreciate greatly their enthusiasm and willingness to help Straight Talk America’s efforts.”