Oct. 31, 2006 PRESS RELEASE FROM Sen. John McCain's Straight Talk America PAC

Eleven South Carolina Republican Sheriffs Join Straight Talk America

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Eleven county sheriffs, representing a majority of the Republican sheriffs in South Carolina, have joined Senator John McCain’s Straight Talk America.  The group will serve as the Law Enforcement Advisory Committee to the PAC’s efforts in South Carolina.

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, a co-chairman of Straight Talk America, praised the sheriffs for taking a stand.  “These men are dedicated to law enforcement.  They are also dedicated to the conservative values John McCain and the Republican Party stand for.  As we enter the final days of the 2006 campaign, their support will provide a very positive boost for Republican candidates across the state.”

South Carolina Sheriffs Joining Straight Talk America:

Sheriff Ed Carroll                        Barnwell County

Sheriff PJ Tanner                        Beaufort County

Sheriff Bill Blanton                      Cherokee County

Sheriff Lane Cribb                       Georgetown County

Sheriff Steve Loftis                     Greenville County

Sheriff Dan Wideman                  Greenwood County

Sheriff Ricky Chastain                Laurens County

Sheriff James Metts                   Lexington County

Sheriff James Singleton              Oconee County

Sheriff Jason Booth                    Saluda County

Sheriff Chuck Wright                  Spartanburg County

“These eleven sheriffs are recognized as highly respected leaders,” Senator McCain said.  “By protecting the lives, safety and security of South Carolina’s citizens, they honor the highest and most noble calling of public service.  I am truly humbled to have their support and advice.”