Dec. 19, 2006 PRESS RELEASE FROM John McCain 2008-The Exploratory Committee

New York Area Finance Chairs Join Supporters of McCain in 2008

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Today, U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential exploratory committee announced the formation of the New York Area Finance Team, a fifty-seven member leadership team working to support McCain in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and across the country.  The New York Area Finance Team is the most recent group of notable supporters to join the Senator’s growing grassroots organization for a 2008 presidential run.

The New York Area Finance Team includes four national co-chairs, three honorary New York co-chairs, and fifty New York, New Jersey and Connecticut finance committee members. New York Area National Co-Chair Larry Bathgate joins fellow New York Area National Co-Chairs Lewis M. Eisenberg, James B. Lee and John Thain, announced last Thursday.

Senator McCain said, “I am honored to have the support of so many talented and experienced professionals. New York is the heart of the financial world, and this team’s work on behalf of my exploratory committee will be indispensable as we move forward.”

National Co-Chairs:

Lewis M. Eisenberg
James B. Lee
John Thain
Larry Bathgate

Honorary New York Co-Chairs:

Honorable Henry Kissinger
Honorable Pete Peterson
Honorable John Whitehead


New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Finance Committee Members:

Ken Abramowitz

Randy Altschuler

Michael Ashner

Kendrick Ashton

Mark Broxmeyer

Bob Caruso

Ben Chouake

Harry Clark

Mayree Clark

Peter Cohen

Edward Cox

Ray Dalio

Patrick Durkin

Anne Estabrook

Laurance Gay

Peter Georgiopoulos

Andy Gershon

Russ Gerson

Howard Gittis

Michael Glassner

Steve Goldberg

Sid Goodfriend

Dan Hebert

Gary Holloway

Woody Johnson

Munr Kazmir

Dean Kehler

David Knott

Richard Kogan

Henry Kravis

Jerry Leamon

Alain Lebec

Leah Lebec

John Lehman

Andrew Malik

Georgette Mosbacher

John Myers

Joseph J. Plumeri

Scott Rechler

Ted Roosevelt, IV

Richard Rosenbaum

Joe Schmuckler

Barbara Sobel

Evan Stewart

Linda Tavlarios

Wayne Tuan

Thomas E. Tuft

Barry West

Gordon Whiting

Laurence Zuriff