PRESS RELEASE from McCain-Palin 2008
October 2, 2008

McCain-Palin Campaign Announces Georgia Lawyers Coalition

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- The McCain-Palin presidential campaign today announced its Georgia Lawyers for McCain coalition.

Lawyers, as professionals and community leaders, will play a critical role in this presidential election. This coalition of successful and accomplished Georgia attorneys will be essential in a variety of areas, including conducting legal research in support of the McCain legal department and providing expertise on specific legal policy matters. Georgia Lawyers for McCain-Palin will also play a critical role in assisting with November election day operations.

"The next president will likely have an opportunity to nominate hundreds of federal court judges, and perhaps two Supreme Court Justices," said Doug Chalmers, Georgia Lawyers for McCain State Chair and Georgia Chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association. "Of the two candidates for president, only John McCain can be counted on to nominate individuals who will faithfully interpret the Constitution, rather than legislating from the bench."

Chalmers added, "As evidenced by the list announced today, the McCain-Palin ticket has widespread and enthusiastic support in the Georgia legal community. We recognize true leadership and character when we see it, and we are proud to assist in this noble effort at a critical time in our country's history."


Honorary State Co-Chairs
Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson, Dallas
Josh Belinfante, Sandy Springs (Executive Counsel, Governor Sonny Perdue)
Chuck Clay, Marietta (former Chairman, Georgia Republican Party)
Tye Darland, Atlanta (Senior Vice President/ General Counsel, Georgia-Pacific)
Randy Evans, Atlanta (General Counsel, Georgia Republican Party)
Joey Loudermilk, Ellerslie (General Counsel, AFLAC)
Irene Munn, Atlanta (Legislative Counsel/Policy Director, Lt. Governor Casey Cagle)
Oscar Persons, Atlanta (former General Counsel, Georgia Republican Party)
John Sours (fmr. Georgia Chairman, Veterans for McCain-Palin State Chair)
Frank Strickland, Atlanta (former General Counsel, Georgia Republican Party)
Joe Whitley, Milton (former U.S. Attorney; first General Counsel, U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

State Chair
Doug Chalmers, Johns Creek (Georgia Chairman, Republican National Lawyers Association)

Honorary State Vice Chairs
Bobby Baker, Athens (member, Public Service Commission)
Neal Berinhout, Sandy Springs (Associate General Counsel, AT&T Mobility and AT&T Southeast)
Michael Bowers, Commerce (former Georgia Attorney General)
State Representative Edward Lindsey, Atlanta (Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP)
Sam Olens, Marietta (Cobb County Commission Chairman)
Matt Patton, Milton (former Chairman, Georgia Republican Party)
State Senator Preston Smith, Rome
John Walraven, Smyrna (Executive Counsel to Speaker Glenn Richardson)
State Senator John Wiles, Marietta (Wiles & Wiles)

State Co-Chairs
Anne Lewis (Chief Deputy General Counsel, Georgia Republican Party)
Jud Turner (Former Executive Counsel, Governor Sonny Perdue)

Statewide Steering Committee
Keith Blackwell, Smyrna
David Burge, Atlanta
Sam Choate, Brunswick (former counsel to Speaker Glenn Richardson)
Linda Evans, Atlanta
Elizabeth Gobeil, Atlanta
State Representative Rick Golick, Smyrna
Robert Highsmith, Atlanta (former Deputy Counsel to Governor Sonny Perdue)
State Senator Judson Hill, Marietta
Jim Manley, Decatur
Tex McIver, Eatonton
Carolyn Roddy, Marietta
Rebecca Sullivan (former Executive Counsel, Governor Sonny Perdue)

* No representation is made that any of the law firms or businesses referenced in this release support the McCain-Palin ticket.