McCain General Election Regional Campaign Organization, NY and NJ
revised March 2, 2009

McCain-Palin 2008
Regional Headquarters: 40 New Brunswick Avenue, 2nd Floor, Woodbridge, NJ 08861
Regional Campaign Manager (NY and NJ) Dominick Fiorilli
(started first week of June 2008 as deputy regional campaign manager under Bill Stepien)  Came to the campaign from position as chief of staff to State Sen. Kevin O’Toole (NJ-40th District).  Paralegal at Porzio Bromberg & Newman P.C., 2003-05.  Graduate of Lehigh University.

Regional Communications Director ...and PA Peter Feldman
Congressional relations for the International Code Council.  Legislative assistant to Sen. Mike DeWine.  Undergraduate degree from Colgate University, 2004.

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