John McCain-Organization, Montana
revised March 25, 2008

JOHN McCAIN 2008, INC. (March 1, 2007)
JOHN McCAIN 2008 - THE EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE  (filed with the FEC to establish on Nov. 16, 2006)
Chairman Former U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns
(announced Jan. 26, 2008) Elected to the Senate in 1988, reelected in 1994 and 2000; defeated in 2006.

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Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger - initially announced as chairman on Dec. 26, 2007; according to one news account this was not popular because Bohlinger is serving with the Democratic governor...supplanted by Conrad Burns

former President of the Montana State Senate Bob Brown  (announced Feb. 2, 2008)

Montana National Committeeman Errol Galt  (announced Feb. 2, 2008)

Senate Republican Leader Corey Stapleton
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