John McCain-Organization, New Hampshire
updated July 26, 2007

JOHN McCAIN 2008, INC. (March 1, 2007)
JOHN McCAIN 2008 - THE EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE  (filed with the FEC to establish on Nov. 16, 2006)
Headquarters: Waumbec Mill, 250 Commercial Street, Suite 3007,  Manchester.
(took over the space on Jan. 9, 2007, but it remained vacant for at least a month...official opening scheduled for April 28, 2007 with Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty)

Below is a sketch of the campaign as it looked before the July 2, 2007 restructuring.  Among the staff laid off were Crystal Benton (Press Secretary); Dwayne Carson (a Field Coordinator); Paul Young (Consultant); Maureen Mooney (Consultant/Conservative Outreach Director); Aaron Goulette (Coalitions/Operations Director); and David Welch (Veterans Director).  How much of the grassroots organization remains supportive is not clear. (see here for post-restructuring organization).
Chairman Peter Spaulding
(reported Dec. 8, 2006 by John DiStaso in "Granite Status")  Executive Councilor (District Two) from 1983-2006.  Vice President for Community Relations with Providian National Bank in Concord since 1994.  A Merrimack County Commissioner from 1970-92 (one of three).  Delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1988, 1996 and 2000.  Chaired Sen. McCain's 2000 New Hampshire primary campaign.  B.A. from the University of New Hampshire in 1966.  New Hampshire native; grew up in Bradford, NH.  Resident of Hopkinton, NH.
Campaign Manager Jim Barnett
(succeeded Jim Martin, the campaign's first NH Campaign Manager, after he was dismissed on May 11, 2007.  Barnett previously served as the campaign's New England Regional Director, first reported by The Associated Press on Nov. 16, 2006)  Chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, elected May 2003, served through late Nov. 2006.  Deputy campaign manager on Jim Douglas' successful 2002 campaign for governor of Vermont, then worked on Gov. Douglas' senior staff.  Deputy Associate Director in the Presidential Personnel Office.  Worked at the RNC during the 1998 and 2000 cycles.
Deputy Campaign Manager Sarah Crawford
(initially served as deputy political director, New England region, reported by "Granite Status" on Dec. 8, 2006; move to deputy campaign manager, New Hampshire, reported by "Granite Status" on March 29, 2007)  Previously communications director at The Dennehy Group.  Eastern region manager for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, based in Rhode Island.  Worked on coalitions for Craig Benson's 2002 gubernatorial campaign.  Assistant to the executive director at the NRCC.  Field organizer on McCain's 2000 NH primary campaign.
Communications Director Jill Hazelbaker
(reported Dec. 20, 2006 by Wally Edge of PoliticsNJ)  Spokeswoman on Tom Kean Jr.'s 2006 U.S. Senate campaign in New Jersey.  Degree in political science and history from the University of Oregon.  From Salem, OR.
Press Secretary Crystal Benton
Communications director for the Reform Institute.  Acting press secretary in Sen. McCain's Senate office.  B.A. in journalism from Emerson College.  From Pembroke, NH.
Field Director Brian Bernys
(reported Sept. 14, 2006 by John DiStaso in "Granite Status")  Came to Straight Talk America from position as regional field coordinator for northeastern Vermont on Rich Tarrant's 2006 U.S. Senate campaign.  Managed Edward Robinson's unsuccessful campaign for the Republican nomination for delegate in Virginia House District 35 (Vienna, Oakton, central Fairfax) in 2005.

Field Organizers
Cheshire and Sullivan Counties- Dwayne Carson

Coos and Grafton Counties - Matt Flanders

Hillsborough County - Joe Colletti

Strafford and Merrimack Counties - Ashley Maagero
Previously an account coordinator at Weber Shandwick Worldwide.  Graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in journalism, 2006.  Served as secretary of the Greater Boston Young Republicans.

Rockingham County - Kate Spellman

Belknap and Carroll Counties - Kelly Reynolds
Coordinate legislators/assist in Northern NH field ops State Rep. Gene Chandler

Coalitions/Operations Director Aaron Goulette
72-Hour director on the New Hampshire Republican State Committee's Victory '04 program.  Worked as litigation support director for former Congressman and State Supreme Court Justice Chuck Douglas’ law firm in Concord, NH.  In 2002 he worked as a field operative on former U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey’s campaign for governor and for the New Hampshire Republican State Committee’s Victory operation.  Graduate of the University of New Hampshire in Durham with a B.A. in political science, 2002.  New Hampshire native; graduate of Berlin High School.
Veterans Director Dave Welch

Consultant on Coalition Outreach Paul Young
(reported Dec. 21, 2006 by John DiStaso in "Granite Status")  A founder of Calypso Communications.  Previously principal of Paul Young & Associates for five years.  Served as a Senior National Campaign Advisor to the presidential campaigns of Steve Forbes, Bob Dole and Jack Kemp.
Consultant - Conservative Outreach Director State Rep. Maureen Mooney
((announced March 8, 2007 as chairman of Conservative Outreach)  New Hampshire state Representative since 2002; elected at age 27, represents Merrimack.  Secretary to the New Hampshire Republican State Committee since 2001.  J.D. from the Massachusetts School of Law, 2000; B.A. in political science from The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, 1997.
Senior Advisor Mike Dennehy
(served as National Political Director for the starting months of the campaign; resigned May 7, 2007 citing family and moved back to NH)  Founder and president of The Dennehy Group, based in Concord, NH.  Managed Craig Benson's successful 2002 campaign for governor in New Hampshire.  New England Political Director and New Hampshire Campaign Manager on Sen. McCain's 2000 presidential campaign.  Managed Jay Lucas' 1998 gubernatorial campaign in New Hampshire.  Executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party, starting in March 1996 through late 1997.  New Hampshire political director on Sen. Phil Gramm's 1996 primary campaign.  Special assistant to Gov. Stephen Merrill (R-NH).  B.S. from Southern New Hampshire University.
Honorary Chairman Former Gov. Walter Peterson
(announced Feb. 22, 2007)  Served as president of Franklin Pierce College for twenty years, 1975-95 and as interim president of the University of New Hampshire.  Governor of New Hampshire from 1969-73.  Partner in The Petersons, Inc., a real estate firm in Peterborough.  Graduated from Dartmouth in 1947; served as a U.S. Naval Reserve officer in the south Pacific.
Co-Chair Nancy Merrill
(announced June 28, 2007)  Resigning position as Republican National Committeewoman to join the campaign.  Merrill was a state vice chair for Senator McCain's 2000 bid for the Republican nomination. She is the business development coordinator for the City of Claremont.  Merrill served on the Lebanon City Council as mayor, assistant mayor, and member, and is founder of the Vesta Roy Excellence in Public Service Series.

County Commissioner Maureen Barrows
(announced as an advisor to Straight Talk PAC in Sept. 2006)  Rockingham County Commissioner, Exeter.

Chuck Douglas
(National Advisor to McCain's Straight Talk PAC, reported by "Granite Status" on May 25, 2006)  Elected to Congress in 1988 and served one term; defeated in bid for re-election.  Associate justice, New Hampshire superior court, 1974-1976; associate justice, New Hampshire Supreme Court, 1977-1983 and senior justice, 1983-1985.  Practiced law.  J.D. from Boston University School of Law, 1968.  Graduate of UNH, 1965.

Steve Duprey
(National Advisor to McCain's Straight Talk PAC, reported by "Granite Status" on May 25, 2006)  Duprey served a couple of stints as chairman of the NH GOP, most recently during the 2000 cycle (elected Jan. 1997, re-elected Jan. 1999 and served through Jan. 2001).  During his first time as chair he took leave in March 1995 and resigned in Oct. 1995 due to a legal situation with his business (he was general partner of Northeast Community Development Group).

Susan Duprey

John Lyons
(announced Jan. 25, 2007 as Chairman of Educators for McCain)  Founding partner of Lyons Law Offices, P.A.   A sitting member of the State Board of Education and the Portsmouth City School Board.  Candidate for state senate in 2004.

Jayne Millerick
(announced as an advisor on Sept. 28, 2006)  New Hampshire Republican Party chair from 2003-05.

COUNTY LEADERSHIP (announced April 25, 2007)
Richard Brothers
Steve Hodges
Ralph Rosen
John Vorel
Kurt Webber

Sheriff Scott Carr
State Rep. Gene Chandler
County Commissioner David Sorensen

Bill Beauregard
George Carmichael
Sheriff Richard Foote
Eric Stanley
Joe Vitale

Ed Ashby
Luc Cote
Joe Gallegos
State Sen. John Gallus
State Rep. Fred King Sr.
Sheriff Gerald Marcou

Charlie Barry
Karen Cervantes
Barbara Dutile
Sheriff Doug Dutile
VFW State Commander Daniel Greenlaw
Allen MacNeil
Rich Robinson


State Sen. Peter Bragdon
Donald Caron
Rhona Charbonneau
Paul Chevalier
Bobbi Coffin
Dr. Griffin Dalianis
John Gill
Sheriff Jim Hardy
Robert Madigan
State Rep. Maureen Mooney
Walter Morse
State Rep. Andy Peterson

County Commissioner Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh
William Champagne
County Commissioner J. D. Colcord
Bill Grimm
County Attorney Dan St. Hilaire
Sheriff Scott Hilliard
Brad Newbery
Greg Smith

Karen Baetzel
State Sen. Jack Barnes
State Rep. D.J. Bettencourt *
VFW Ladies Auxiliary President Beth Castricone
State Sen. Mike Downing
State Rep. John Flanders
Chris Goodnow
Eugene Pawlik
State Rep. Nancy Stiles
County Commissioner Donald Stritch
*Withdrew support on June 27, 2007.  See: Philip Elliott.  "Lawmaker bails on McCain.  The Associated Press.  June 28, 2007. 

John Calo
Dana Hussey
Matt Mayberry
Frank O’Neil

Chris Irish
Donald Weatherson

Michael Annis
Jeff Frost
William Golding
Vic Goulet
Keith Hirschmann
Robert St. Onge
Leo Pepino
Nelson Allen
Alderman Mark Cookson
Scott Cote
Alderman-at-Large David Deane
Alderman Robert Dion
Treasurer Dave Fredette
Wayne Gagne
Paul LaFlamme
Alderman Dave MacLaughlin
Alderman-at-Large Brian McCarthy
William Mosher
Dot Nice
Mayor Bernie Streeter


Chairman of Educators for McCain John E. Lyons, Jr.
(announced Jan. 25, 2007)  Founding partner of Lyons Law Offices, P.A.   A sitting member of the State Board of Education and the Portsmouth City School Board.  Candidate for state senate in 2004.
Chairman of Conservative Outreach Maureen Mooney
(announced March 8, 2007)  New Hampshire state Representative since 2002; elected at age 27, represents Merrimack.  Secretary to the New Hampshire Republican State Committee since 2001.  J.D. from the Massachusetts School of Law, 2000; B.A. in political science from The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, 1997.
Chairmen of the Sportsmen Coalition
(announced April 5, 2007)
former Sheriff Steve Hodges
Former Belknap County sheriff; also a former New Hampshire Fish and Game Commissioner.
former Sheriff Walter Morse
Currently the vice chair of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission and the owner of Morse Sporting Goods in Hillsboro.  Served as sheriff of Hillsborough County and was a thirty-one year veteran of the New Hampshire State Police.
former state Representative Allen MacNeil
A former chairman of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission.  Over forty-five years experience as an instructor of hunter education.
small business owner Luc Cote
Owner of L.L. Cote Sports Center in Errol.

New Hampshire "Women for McCain" Leadership Team  (announced June 11, 2007)
Maureen Barrows - Exeter
Karen Cervantes - Lebanon
Bobbie Coffin - Hancock
Jaye Dimando - Hampstead
Susan Duprey - Concord
Joanne Kenyon - Brentwood
Mary Lyons - Portsmouth
Jayne Millerick - Bow
Maureen Mooney - Merrimack
Marilee Tuomanen - Kensington
Alison Raymond - Claremont
Judy Havenstein - Alton
Patricia Grimm - Franklin

New Hampshire Veterans Advisory Coalition: more than 200 Granite State veterans (announced June 20, 2007)
Co-Chairs Paul Chevalier- Past VFW State Commander/McCain 2000 NH Veterans Chairman and Griffin Dalianis - Bush 2000 NH Veterans Chairman (announced by Straight Talk American on Oct. 9, 2006)

New Hampshire Law Enforcement Advisory Coalition (announced June 25, 2007)
Deputy Sheriff Carole Anderson
Rep. Don Buxton, Brentwood
Sheriff Doug Dutile (Grafton County)
Sheriff Dick Foote (Cheshire County)
Merrimack County Attorney Dan St. Hilaire
Sheriff Jim Hardy (Hillsborough County)
Sheriff Scott Hilliard (Merrimack County)
New Hampshire Highway Patrol Officer Kathleen Murray
Corporal David Perez, Merrimack County Corrections Officer
Dalton Police Chief, Rep. John Tholl

New Hampshire Legislative Caucus for McCain (announced June 27, 2007)
Rep. Sharon Carson (R-Londonderry)
Rep. Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)
Rep. Karen Hutchinson (R-Londonderry)
Rep. Rip Holden (R-Goffstown)
Rep. Maureen Mooney (R-Merrimack)
Rep. Andy Peterson (R-Peterborough)

Conservation Advisory Committee - Jim O'Brien (announced July 26, 2007)
For the past five years, O'Brien has held leadership positions for numerous New Hampshire non-profits and political organizations.  Currently, he is the executive director of the Granite State Conservation Voters, a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to protecting New Hampshire's natural resources and quality of life.  In 2002 O'Brien was the campaign manager and chairman of former U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey's gubernatorial campaign.  New Hampshire native.

Youth Chairman Shawn Doherty
rising sophomore at Rivier College in Nashua.

National Co-Chairman Former Sen. Warren Rudman
(announced Feb. 22, 2007)  Of counsel to the international law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison since Jan. 2003; partner in the firm, 1992-2002.  Co-founded the Concord Coalition in 1992.  Served in the U.S. Senate from Dec. 29, 1980, to Jan. 3, 1993; did not seek re-election in 1992.  Practiced law in Manchester, 1976-80.  Attorney general of New Hampshire 1970-76.  Legal counsel to the Governor 1970.  B.S. from Syracuse University, 1952; served in the United States Army Infantry 1952-1954; law degree from Boston College Law School, 1960.  Author of Combat: Twelve years in the U.S. Senate (Random House, 1996).

former state Senator Carl Johnson (announced June 8, 2007)
represented Meredith; defeated in Nov. 2006

Nashua Leadership Team (announced April 23, 2007)
Co-Chair Mayor Bernie Streeter
(announced as a supporter on Feb. 14, 2007)  Currently serving in his eighth year as Mayor of Nashua, New Hampshire’s second largest city.  Previously, Streeter served thirty years as a member and dean of the New Hampshire Executive Council, representing the southwestern part of the state.  Appointed by President Ford as a member of the National Health Planning Council and by President Reagan to the National Advisory Council of the U.S. Public Health Service.
Co-Chair Alderman Dave MacLaughlin
Co-Chair former State Rep. Paul LaFlamme

Aldermen-at-Large David Deane and Brian McCarthy, Alderman Robert Dion, Alderman Mark Cookson, Nashua Treasurer Dave Fredette, former state Representative Nelson Allen, former state Representative William Mosher, and grassroots activist Dot Nice.

and former Alderman Scott Cote and Nashua Commuter Rail Advisory Committee Chair Wayne Gagne, both registered Independents.

22 Rockingham County leaders  (announced March 1, 2007)
State Sen. Mike Downing (Salem)
State Sen. Jack Barnes (Raymond)
State Rep. Gene Charron (Chester)
State Rep. Elisabeth Sanders (Danville)
State Rep. John Gleason (Derry)
State Rep. Bob Fesh (Derry)
State Rep. Nancy Stiles (Hampton)
State Rep. Sharon Carson (Londonderry)
State Rep. Karen Keegan Hutchinson (Londonderry)
State Rep. Benjamin Moore (Seabrook)
State Rep. Kevin Waterhouse (Windham)
State Rep. D.J. Bettencourt (Salem)
State Rep. John Flanders (Kingston)
State Rep. Joe Guthrie (Hampstead)
Maureen Barrows - Rockingham County Commissioner, Exeter
Don Stritch - Rockingham County Commissioner, Auburn
Mike Delahanty - Superintendent of Schools, Salem
Arthur Barnes - Selectman and former Fire Chief, Salem
Jack Kelley - Police Commissioner, Portsmouth
John Russo - Police Commissioner, Portsmouth
John Lyons - School Board Member, Portsmouth
Brendan Ristaino -School Board Member, Portsmouth

Strafford Chair- Matt Mayberry
(announced Feb. 15, 2007)  Former Dover City Councilor; candidate for State Senate in 2004 (District 21).  Assisted in statewide organizing for former Gov. George Pataki's 21st Century Freedom PAC.  Chairman of Strafford County for Bush-Cheney ‘04.  Seacoast chairman of Elizabeth Dole's presidential exploratory committee.  Served on Lamar Alexander's presidential campaign.  Veteran of the United States Air Force.

The entire Coos County state legislative delegation (announced Jan. 31, 2007)
State Sen. John Gallus (Berlin)
State Rep. Fred King, Sr. (Colebrook)
State Rep. Eric Stohl (Colebrook)
State Rep. Bill Remick (Lancaster)
State Rep. John Tholl, Jr. (Whitefield)

Campaign Manager Jim Martin 
(dismissed May 11, 2007; hiring reported Jan. 4, 2007 by John DiStaso in "Granite Status")  Vice president for government relations at the Hawthorn Group, L.C., a Washington, DC consulting firm.  Took a leave in '04 to manage research at the NRSC.  Prior to joining the Hawthorn Group, Martin was director of coalitions for the NRCC.  Deputy campaign manager on Sen. McCain's 2000 NH primary campaign (under Mike Dennehy), then political director for McCain’s Straight Talk America PAC.  Has worked on many state and local campaigns in the New England area and done market research for an international legal publisher.  B.A. degree in history and political science from Franklin Pierce College in NH.
Deputy Campaign Manager Christian Winthrop
(via Hotline On Call; reported Jan. 11, 2007 by Politics on the Hudson)  Spokesperson for former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer's 2006 U.S. Senate campaign in New York.  Campaign manager for former U.S. Navy SEAL Dave Rogers' 2002 and 2004 congressional campaigns.  Has worked at the local, congressional and Senatorial level.  Background includes management, fundraising, grassroots organizing and media experience.

Advisors (announced Sept. 14, 2006)
Cathy Stacey of Salem  -  President of the New Hampshire Association of Counties
Stuart Trachy of Franklin  -  Merrimack County Treasurer
David Fredette of Nashua  -  Hillsborough County Treasurer
Maureen Barrows of Exeter  -  Rockingham County Commissioner
Dan St. Hilaire of Concord  -  Merrimack County Attorney

More Advisors (announced Sept. 28, 2006)
Former New Hampshire Republican Party chair Rhona Charbonneau (1989-93)
Former New Hampshire Republican Party chair Jayne Millerick (2003-05)

Law Enforcement Advisory Committee (announced Sept. 27, 2006)
Sheriffs Scott Carr (Carroll County), Doug Dutile (Grafton County), Dick Foote (Cheshire County), Jim Hardy (Hillsborough County), Chet Jordan (Merrimack County – outgoing), Scott Hilliard (Merrimack County – Republican nominee), and Gerald Marcou (Coos County).

Veterans Advisory Committee (announced Oct. 9, 2006)
Co-Chairs: Paul Chevalier- Past VFW State Commander/McCain 2000 NH Veterans Chairman and Griffin Dalianis - Bush 2000 NH Veterans Chairman
Committee Members:
Daniel Greenlaw - Current VFW State Commander;
Frank O’Neil, Eugene Pawlik, Donald Caron, William Champagne, Dana Hussey, Robert St. Onge, Michael Annis,  Robert Madigan, Rich Robinson - Past State Commanders;
Beth Castricone - State President of Ladies Auxiliary to the VFW.

Legislative Advisory Committee
(announced Oct. 26, 2006)  50 New Hampshire State Representatives.
Mary Allen
D.J. Bettencourt
Packy Campbell 
Richard Cooney 
James Danforth 
Patricia Dunlap 
Thomas Gillick 
Elizabeth Hager
Randolph “Rip” Holden
Russell Ingram 
Rudy Lessard 
Jim MacKay 
Benjamin Moore 
James “Doc” Pilliod 
Ralph Rosen
Donald Ryder 
Nancy Stiles 
David Babson, Jr.
Russell Bridle 
Jim Carew
Pamela Coughlin
Andrew Dorsett
Shelia Foote 
Edmond Gionet
Keith Hirschmann
Bruce Hunter 
Chris Irish
Jane Langley
Roy Maxfield
Tim O’Connell 
Dennis Reed
Robert Rowe
Elizabeth Sanders
Eric Stohl 
Peter Bergin
Kevin Waterhouse
Mark Carter
Janeen Dalrymple
Richard Drisko
Carolyn Gargasz
William Golding
Deb Hogancamp
Karen Keegan Hutchinson
Frederick King, Sr.
Priscilla Lockwood
Irene Messier
Leo Pepino
William Remick
David Russell
Tony Soltani

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