Key People-Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
updated March 28, 2008, March 9, 2009

JOHN McCAIN 2008, INC. (following the July 2, 2007 restructuring and July 10, 2007 and mid-July departures edition) the states
see also pre-restructuring organization and building towards the general election organization
Headquarters: 1235 South Clark Street, Arlington, VA  22202  
Campaign Manager Rick Davis
(starting July 10, 2007; CEO in the first iteration of the campaign)  Managing partner of Davis Manafort.  Chaired Sen. McCain's Straight Talk America.  National campaign manager on Sen. McCain's 2000 presidential campaign.  Deputy Convention Manager for the 1996 National Republican Convention and deputy campaign manager on Sen. Bob Dole's 1996 campaign.  Also worked on the George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan campaigns.  Government service includes Special Assistant for Policy to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Special Assistant for the Budget to the Secretary of the Interior, Special Assistant for Trade Development in the U.S. Department of Commerce, and consultant to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  Graduate of the University of Alabama.
Deputy Campaign Manager Christian Ferry
(started in Jan. 2007 as national eCampaign director; elevated to deputy campaign manager following the July 2007 reorganization)  Strategic consultant at Davis Manafort.   as Deputy director for political affairs at the Union Pacific Corporation, 2000-03.  Assistant campaign manager on the McCain 2000 campaign.  Special assistant for the Virginia Department of Natural Resources in the late 1990s during the Jim Gilmore administration.  Northwestern field director on the Gilmore for Governor campaign, 1997.  Worked on the Bob Dole for President campaign and the 1996 Republican National Convention.  B.A. in government and history from University of Virginia.
Senior Advisor Mark Salter
(remains as a senior advisor focused on speechwriting, message and strategy, pro bono)  Administrative Assistant (Chief of Staff) in McCain's Senate office.  Has helped McCain write his four books.  Started working for McCain in 1989 as a legislative assistant.  Previously worked for Jeanne Kirkpatrick when she was UN Ambassador and at AEI.  From Davenport, Iowa.

Political Director Mike Dennehy
(served as Political Director through early May 2007; announced resignation on May 7, 2007 citing family and moved back to NH)  Founder and president of The Dennehy Group, based in Concord, NH.  Managed Craig Benson's successful 2002 campaign for governor in New Hampshire.  New England Political Director and New Hampshire Campaign Manager on Sen. McCain's 2000 presidential campaign. Managed Jay Lucas' 1998 gubernatorial campaign in New Hampshire.  Executive director of the New Hampshire Republican Party, starting in March 1996 through late 1997.  New Hampshire political director on Sen. Phil Gramm's 1996 primary campaign.  Special assistant to Gov. Stephen Merrill (R-NH).  B.S. from Southern New Hampshire University.
Deputy Political Director John Yob
(initially the campaign's Michigan State Director)  Partner in Strategic National Consulting, LLC; previously president of Independent Campaign Marketing Inc..  Graduate of the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA); former chairman of the Michigan College Republicans.  Youngest son of Michigan RNC Committeeman Chuck Yob.

Communications Director Jill Hazelbaker
(reported Dec. 20, 2006 by Wally Edge of PoliticsNJ)  Spokeswoman on Tom Kean Jr.'s 2006 U.S. Senate campaign in New Jersey.  Degree in political science and history from the University of Oregon.  From Salem, OR.
National Press Secretary Brooke Buchanan
Regional press secretary for the RNC, 2006.  Department of State Global Operations Team at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, 2005.  Nevada communications director for Bush-Cheney '04.  President of UNLV College Republicans in 2003-04.
Deputy Communications Director and Research Director Brian Rogers
Research director on Victory 2006/Californians for Schwarzenegger in 2006.  Previously research analyst at the RNC, 2003-05, and at the NRSC in the 2002 cycle.  Graduate of Washington & Lee University.
Press Secretary - Regional Crystal Benton
Previously NH press secretary.  Communications director for the Reform Institute.  Acting press secretary in Sen. McCain's Senate office.  B.A. in journalism from Emerson College.  From Pembroke, NH.
TV/Radio Booker Brittany Brammell
Santa Clara University graduate.
Senior Advisor Steve Schmidt
(reported by Chris Cillizza "The Fix" on Dec. 20, 2006; announced Dec. 21)  Campaign manager for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's (R-CA) 2006 re-election.  Deputy Assistant to the President and Counselor to the Vice President, responsible for Cheney's press relations and communications.  Point man for the Bush Administration on the confirmations of Judge John Roberts and then Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Deputy Communications Director/Director of Rapid Response on Bush Cheney '04.  Communications director at the NRCC in the 2002 cycle.  Spokesperson for the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  Communications director on Lamar Alexander's 2000 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination for the first part of 1999.  Press secretary on Matt Fong's 1998 U.S. Senate campaign in California.  From North Plainfield, NJ.

E-Campaign Director Michael Palmer
Part of the Campaign Solutions team.  Worked in the eCampaign division of Bush-Cheney '04, where he helped maintain both the internal and external websites, and worked closely with the campaign's political department to develop web applications for the 72Hour volunteer program and for tracking Election Day voting activities.  Prior to the campaign, Michael worked in the web industry designing and implementing project management, eCommerce and eProcurement solutions for corporate and government clients.  B.A. in political science from The George Washington University.  Originally from Naples, FL,
E-Campaign Staff Ben Olson


Policy Director Dan McKivergan
Most recently deputy director of the Project for the New American Century.  Previously legislative director for Sen. McCain.  Policy director for the Philanthropy Roundtable and associate editor of its magazine, Philanthropy.   Legislative director for Congressman Dan Miller (R-FL).  Research director for the Weekly Standard magazine starting in 1995.   Joined the staff of the Project for the Republican Future, a Washington, D.C. think tank, in 1993.   Worked at the Republican National Committee, 1989-92.  Served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve from 1985-89.  Degrees from Holy Cross and Johns Hopkins.
Senior Policy Advisor (Domestic Policy) Dan Crippen
Served on NASA's Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) starting in mid-2004.  Director of the Congressional Budget Office, Feb. 1999-Jan. 2003.  A principal at Washington Counsel, a consulting firm, 1996-99.  A founding partner and senior vice president of the Duberstein Group.  Advisor (Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy and then Domestic Policy Advisor and Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy) to President Reagan on domestic policy, 1987-89.  Executive director of the Merrill Lynch International Advisory Council, Jan. 1985-87.  Chief counsel and economic policy advisor to Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, 1981-85.  During the 1970s Crippen worked at NASA, the budget office of the State of South Dakota, the Brookings Institution, and conducted research on revenue sharing for the Department of the Treasury.  B.S. from the University of South Dakota, 1974; M.A. (1976) from Ohio State University, and Ph.D. in public finance (1981) also from Ohio State University.
Senior Policy Advisor (Economic Policy) Douglas J. Holtz-Eakin
Previously director of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Director of Congressional Budget Office, 2003-05. Chief economist for the Council of Economic Advisors under President George W. Bush, 2001-02.  Chairman and trustee professor of economics and associate director of the Maxwell Center for Policy Research at Syracuse University.  Senior staff economist for the Council of Economic Advisors under President George H. W. Bush, 1989-90.  Doctorate in economics from Princeton University, 1985.  Graduate of Denison University, 1980.

Economic Policy Advisors (announced July 12, 2007)

Policy Advisor former Sen. Phil Gramm
A vice-chairman of UBS Investment Bank.  Served three terms in the U.S. Senate; first elected in 1984 and re-elected in 1990 and 1996.  Unsuccessfully sought the 1996 Republican presidential nomination.  Chaired the NRSC, 1991-94.  Elected to Congress as a Democrat in 1978 and re-elected in 1980 and 1982; resigned in 1983 and re-elected as a Republican in a special election.  Economics professor at Texas A&M University, 1967–78.   Ph.D. in economics from the University of Georgia, 1967; B.A. from University of George, 1964.
Policy Coordinator Gordon Gray
Previously worked as a research assistant at the American Enterprise Institute.  B.A. in political science from Tufts University.
Director of Messaging Brett O'Donnell
(reported by the Lynchburg News & Advance on Nov. 16, 2006; to start Jan. 8)  Coach of Liberty University's debate team for 17 years; also president of O'Donnell and Associates, Ltd., a political consulting firm.  In 2004 the Bush-Cheney campaign retained O'Donnell to assist President Bush in debate preparation.

Director of Scheduling Amber Johnson

Director of Advance Davis White


Finance Director Susan Nelson
A principal and the senior Republican in The Loeffler Group.  Worked for The Federalist Group and, earlier, for Berman Enterprises, where she served as senior vice president of state government affairs.  Finance director of the Republican Governors Association in the 2002 cycle under then-Chairman Gov. Tom Ridge (PA).  Before joining the RGA, Nelson co-owned and -operated Eudy Nelson & Associates. National deputy finance director for the 1996 Phil Gramm for President campaign.During the early 1990s, she served as finance services director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  B.A. from Indiana University, Bloomington.  Native of Michigan.

National Finance Co-Chairs

Director of Administration Bradley Loncar
Started out as deputy budget director on the campaign, Jan.-July 2007.  Senior advisor to the Under Secretary for International Affairs at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, 2005-06.  Director of investments and budget management on Bush-Cheney 2004 from Sept. 2003-July 2005.  B.S. in business from the University of Miami, 2001.

Director of Treasury
Sal Purpura
(started on the campaign in Nov. 2006)  Comptroller of The George W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation since April 2006.  Treasurer on Bush-Cheney'04, May 2003-April 2008.   Comptroller on Bush-Brogan 2002.  Budget director on Bush-Cheney 2000.  Deputy comptroller on Jeb Bush for Governor, 1997-99.  Finance assistant at the Republican Party of Florida.  States budget director on Dole-Kemp'96.  Budget liaison on Phil Gramm for President, 1995-96.  Staff assistant at the Florida Department of Education.  Finance assistant on Jeb Bush for Governor and Bush-Feeney '94.

General Counsel Trevor Potter
Attorney at Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered and president and general counsel of the Campaign Legal Center.  General counsel of the McCain 2000 campaign.  Commissioner at the Federal Election Commission, 1991-95.  Deputy general counsel of the Bush 1988 campaign.  Assistant general counsel to the Federal Communications Commission, 1984-85.  Attorney at the Department of Justice, 1982-84.  Graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law, 1982, and of Harvard College, 1978.

Chief Counsel Todd Steggerda
(started Jan. 1, 2007; ran the day to day operations)  Former partner at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP.  J.D, University of Iowa College of Law, 1997.  Navy flight instructor and F-18 pilot.  B.S. in aerospace engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, 1987.

Deputy General Counsel Evelyn McCafferty
(started Feb. 2007)  Associate at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, joined the firm in 2003.  J.D. from the University of Alabama, 2001.  B.A. in history from University of Virginia, 1996.

Senior Strategist Lance Tarrance, Jr.
(announced Aug. 2, 2006)  Partner with Thomas Riehle at RT Strategies.  Managing Director, Public Affairs at Burson-Marsteller, starting Oct. 1997.  First Managing Director and President of Gallup China in Beijing, 1993-95.  Member of the Board of Directors of the Gallup Organization, 1987-92.  President and Founder of Tarrance & Associates, a Houston-based national survey research company, 1977-92.  Special Assistant to the Director of the 1970 U.S. Census.  Director of Research for the Republican National Committee and an officer of the 1968 Republican National Convention.  Master's degree in Electoral Behavior from American University in Washington DC; B.A. in European History from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.  Author or co-author of five published books about electoral behavior.
Senior Advisor Bill McInturff
(ABC News reported that McInturff cut ties with the campaign on Sept. 20, 2007)  Partner and co-founder of Public Opinion Strategies.  "His prior experiences include 'hands on' campaign management experience at the local, congressional, and the presidential level.  He also held senior positions with the Republican national party committees prior to entering the field of survey research."

Foxhole Productions (formed after the July 2007 meltdown)
Mark McKinnon - Vice chairman at Public Strategies, Inc. in Austin, TX, president of Maverick Media.  Chief media advisor on George W. Bush's 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns.
Mike Hudome - Started MH Media in 2004.  Previously worked at the Pintak Gautier Hudome Agency.
Justin Germany - At Campaign Solutions.  Videographer and editor for the Bush-Cheney eCampaign.  B.A. in mass communication from Louisiana State University in 2002; M.A. in political management from The George Washington University, 2003.
Mark Salter see above

Carla Eudy
(Finance director from the start through latter part of April 2007, then Senior Advisor)  Republican fundraising consultant, The Eudy Company, and previously, in the late 1990s to 2002 co-owner and operator of Eudy Nelson & Associates.  Finance director for McCain's 2000 presidential campaign.  Finance director for Phil Gramm's 1996 presidential campaign.

Charlie Black - (support announced early March 2007) Chairman of BKSH & Associates.  Senior advisor to Presidents Reagan and Bush (41).  Principal public spokesman for President Bush in the 1992 presidential campaign.  Chief spokesman for the RNC, 1990.  Has managed the successful elections of more than ten members of the U.S. Senate and more than a dozen Members of Congress.  Political consultant to U.S. Senators Jesse Helms, Robert Dole, Phil Gramm and Dave Durenberger.  Political director at the RNC during the chairmanship of Bill Brock (late 70s-1981).  B.A. in political science from the University of Florida and a J.D. from The American University.  Native of North Carolina.

"closely involved in the daily workings of the campaign, and assist with fundraising, strategy, and message development."
Thomas G. Loeffler (announced as General Co-Chair on March 7, 2007; announced as a National Finance Co-Chair on Dec. 14, 2006)  see above

former Sen. Phil Gramm (announced as General Co-Chair on March 12, 2007; had been serving as a policy advisor) see above

Robert Mosbacher (announced as a General Chair on Aug. 27, 2007)
General chairman of President George H.W. Bush's 1992 re-election campaign.  Secretary of Commerce, 1989-92.  Finance chairman on George H.W. Bush's 1988 campaign, then general chairman at the RNC.  Finance chairman on Bush's 1980 campaign.  Houston oil businessman (Mosbacher Energy Co.).  Degree in business administration from Washington & Lee University, 1947.

Sen. Sam Brownback (endorsement announced Nov. 7, 2007; also named Chair of the newly formed McCain Judicial Advisory Team)

National Co-Chairman Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. (R-UT)
(reported by Chris Cillizza July 19, 2006: "will help coordinate politics and policy for McCain in Western states.")  Elected governor in Nov. 2004.  A business executive, he has held an number of positions with the Huntsman Corporation, most recenty Chairman and CEO of the holding company.  Under President George W. Bush he was a deputy U.S. trade representative and U.S. trade ambassador.  Under President George H. W. Bush, he was deputy assistant secretary of commerce for trade development, deputy assistant secretary of commerce for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, as well as U.S. ambassador to Singapore (fluent in Mandarin).  Staff assistant to President Ronald Reagan.  Attended the University of Utah and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
National Co-Chairman Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)
(announced by the Exploratory Committee on Jan. 15, 2007)  Elected Minnesota’s governor in 2002 and re-elected in 2006.  In line to become chairman of the NGA in summer 2007.  Member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, 1992-2002; elected House majority leader in 1998.  Member of the Eagan City Council.  Prosecutor.  J.D. from University of Minnesota Law School and B.A. in political science from the University of Minnesota.  Grew up in South St. Paul, MN.
National Co-Chairman Frederick W. Smith
(announced by the Exploratory Committee on Feb. 6, 2007)  Chairman, president, and CEO of the FedEx Corporation (endorsement in his individual capacity and not on behalf of the FedEx Corporation).  Founded FedEx in 1971.  Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1966-70.  B.A. from Yale University, 1966.
National Co-Chairman John Chambers
(announced by the Exploratory Committee on Feb. 15, 2007; in addition to co-chair is economic and technology advisor)  Chairman and CEO of Cisco (endorsement in his individual capacity and not on behalf of the Cisco).  Assumed the role of President and CEO in 1995; joined Cisco in 1991 as senior vice president, worldwide sales and operations.  Prior to joining Cisco, he worked eight years at Wang Laboratories,1982-90 and six years at IBM, 1976-82.  M.B.A. in finance and management from Indiana University, 1975.  Law degree, 1974, and B.S./B.A. in business from West Virginia University, 1971.
National Co-Chairman Former Sen. Warren Rudman (R-NH)
(announced Feb. 22, 2007)  Of counsel to the international law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison since Jan. 2003; partner in the firm, 1992-2002.  Co-founded the Concord Coalition in 1992.  Served in the U.S. Senate from Dec. 29, 1980, to Jan. 3, 1993; did not seek re-election in 1992.  Practiced law in Manchester, 1976-80.  Attorney general of New Hampshire 1970-76.  Legal counsel to the Governor 1970.  B.S. from Syracuse University, 1952; served in the United States Army Infantry 1952-54; law degree from Boston College Law School, 1960.  Author of Combat: Twelve years in the U.S. Senate (Random House, 1996).
National Co-Chairman Former Gov. Tom Ridge (R-PA)
(announced Feb. 28, 2007)  First Secretary of the newly-created Department of Homeland Security, sworn in Jan. 24, 2003, served until 2005.  Appointed Assistant to the President for Homeland Security in October 2001.  Twice elected Governor of Pennsylvania, served from 1995 to 2001.  Elected to Congress in 1982, the first enlisted Vietnam combat veteran elected to the U.S. House, and re-elected six times.  Assistant district attorney in Erie County, 1972-82.  Private practice.  J.D. from Dickinson School of Law in Carlisle, PA, 1972.  Drafted into the U.S. Army, 1968-70; served as an infantry staff sergeant in Vietnam.  B.A. from Harvard University, 1967.

National Vice Chair for Jewish Outreach Fred Zeidman
(announced by the Exploratory Committee on Jan. 31, 2007)  Chairman of Seitel, Inc., founder of the Houston Venture Capital Association, and chairman of Turnaround Partners, Inc.  Zeidman is vice chairman and board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC).

Southern Co-Chair Alec Poitevint 
(announced Jan. 9, 2007)  Georgia Republican Party Chairman, elected May 1, 2003, and Republican National Committeeman, elected August 12, 1988.  Chairman and President, Southeastern Minerals, Inc..
Southeast Co-Chair U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus (AL)
(announced Jan. 29, 2007)  Elected to Congress in 1992.  Chair, Alabama Republican Party, 1992.  Candidate for Attorney General, 1990.  Managed Guy Hunt's successful campaign for governor in 1986.  Elected member of the State School Board, 1986-90.  Elected to the State House of Representatives and served one term, 1984-86.  Served in the State Senate.  Partner, Bachus, Dempsey, Carson, and Steed law firm.  Graduate of Auburn University, 1969 and the University of Alabama School of Law, 1972.  Native of Birmingham.

U.S. House Whip Team (announced Jan. 31, 2007; "work to build on Senator McCain's base of support in the chamber.")
Rep. Fred Upton (MI-06), Rep. Spencer Bachus (AL-06), Rep. John Shadegg (AZ-03), Rep. John Shimkus (IL-19), Rep. Mark Kirk (IL-10), and Rep. Dan Lungren (CA-03); (added Feb. 22, 2007) Rep. Chip Pickering (MS-03)

More Supporters
more than 200 veterans from around the country (endorsements announced April 12, 2007)

former POWs (announced Nov. 10, 2007)

former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger, the Honorable Robert ‘Bud’ McFarlane, and former CIA Director R. Jim Woolsey (announced April 23, 2007...will advise his campaign on energy and national security issues)

former U.S. Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, General Alexander Haig, Lawrence Eagleburger and George Shultz (April 10, 2007)

Thomas H. Kean, 9/11 Commission Chairman and former governor of New Jersey (announced Nov. 19, 2007)

Dr. John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy and 9/11 Commission member(Nov. 20, 2007)

National Advisory Committee on Agriculture (announced July 31, 2007)
Bill Amick - Amick Farms of South Carolina
Harry Bell - Former South Carolina Farm Bureau President
Rick Johnson - Former Michigan House Speaker and member of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Farm Bureau
Ralph Klemme - Former Chairman of the Iowa House Agriculture Committee
Wayne Mann - President, New Hampshire Farm Bureau
John Putney - Iowa State Senator and lifelong farm owner and operator
Hugh Weathers - South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture

National First Responders Coalition (announced Nov. 9, 2007)
National Chair: Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and former Governor of Pennsylvania.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca
John S. Dempsey, Captain, New York City Police Department (Ret.)
former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating
Robert "Bud" McFarlane, former National Security Advisor for President Ronald Reagan
Edward D. Mullins, President of the Sergeants Benevolent Association of New York City.

National Hispanic Advisory Board (announced Dec. 9, 2007)
Mayor Carlos Alvarez, Florida
Honorable Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Florida
Honorable Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida
Pastor Mark Gonzalez, Texas
Honorable Manuel Lujan, New Mexico
Mr. Tony Orlando, Florida
Honorable Illeana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida
Mr. Solomon D. Trujillo, Colorado
Major General Freddy Valenzuela, Florida
Honorable Albert C. Zapanta, Texas
Co-Chairs: more >

More than 100 Retired Generals and Admirals (announced Dec. 15, 2007)

National Catholics for McCain Leadership Team (announced Dec. 27, 2007)
National Co-Chairmen:
Senator Sam Brownback, Kansas
Governor Frank Keating, former Governor of Oklahoma
more >








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Chairman David Roederer
(announced by Straight Talk America on Sept. 22, 2006)  Chair of the Lamberti for Congress Committee and the Vaudt for State Auditor Committee.  Chaired the Iowa Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign.  Managing partner of StrataVizion, Inc. in Des Moines.  Served as the Economic Development Coordinator for Iowa State University.  Chief of staff for Gov. Terry Branstad, 1991-95; campaign manager for Gov. Branstad, 1990-91.  Director of the Iowa Department of Commerce, 1988-90.  B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa, 1973.  [Also, in the private sector Roederer worked for two and a half years in Saudi Arabia designing a national law enforcement agency for a Lockheed Martin company].

See Iowa page >>

Chairman Peter Spaulding
(reported by Granite Status on Dec. 8, 2006)  Executive Councilor (District Two) from 1983-2006. Vice President for Community Relations with Providian National Bank in Concord since 1994.  A Merrimack County Commissioner from 1970-92 (one of three).  Delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1988, 1996 and 2000.  Chaired Sen. McCain's 2000 New Hampshire primary campaign.  B.A. from the University of New Hampshire in 1966.  New Hampshire native; grew up in Bradford, NH.  Resident of Hopkinton, NH.

See New Hampshire page >>

Chairman Attorney General Mike Cox
(announced Dec. 14, 2006 through week of Sept. 17, 2007))  Re-elected to a second term in 2006; first elected in 2002, the first Republican Attorney General of Michigan in 48 years.  Worked in the Wayne County prosecutor's office in Detroit.  Graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1989.  Entered the Marines after high school.
State Director John Yob
Partner in Strategic National Consulting, LLC; previously president of Independent Campaign Marketing Inc..  Graduate of the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA); former chairman of the Michigan College Republicans.  Youngest son of Michigan RNC Committeeman Chuck Yob.

See Michigan page >>

Campaign Manager Trey Walker
(announced by the exploratory committee on Jan. 8, 2007)  Chief executive assistant to Attorney General Henry McMaster, directing communications and governmental affairs, for the past four years.  Lead consultant on McMaster’s 2002 campaign.  Consultant at Richard Quinn & Associates.  National field director for Sen. McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign.  Executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party for almost seven years, 1993-99.
Consultant Richard Quinn
Principal of Richard Quinn and Associates, consulting firm based in Columbia.  Lead South Carolina strategist for McCain's 2000 campaign (signed on in Feb. 1999).  Consultant to Sen. Phil Gramm's (R-TX) 1996 campaign in South Carolina.

See South Carolina page >>

Co-Chairs (announced April 27, 2007)
State Senator Mark Amodei - Amodei represents portions of Douglas, Lyon, and Storey Counties, and portions of Carson City; he has served in the Nevada State Senate since 1999, including President pro Tempore, 2003-05.  He is also a partner at Kummer Kaempfer Bonner Renshaw & Ferrario, one of Nevada's largest law firms.  Previously served in the Assembly.  Captain, U.S. Army, Judge Advocate General’s Corps (1984-87).  B.A. from University of Nevada, Reno, 1980; J.D. from University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, 1983.  Carson City native.

State Senator Dennis Nolan - Elected to the State Senate in 2002 representing Clark County Senatorial District No. 9; serves as assistant majority floor leader.  Served in the Assembly from 1994-2002.  Las Vegas native.

Clark County Commissioner Bruce L. Woodbury - Appointed to the Clark County Commission in 1981 and elected to his first full term in 1982.  He is also a partner in the law firm of Jolley, Urga, Wirth and Woodbury. Graduate of University of Utah; J.D. from Stanford School of Law.  Native Las Vegan.

See Nevada page >>

Co-Chair F. Philip Handy
(announced Aug. 3, 2006)  Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Industries, a worldwide diversified service and manufacturing company, since Oct. 2001.  Chairman of the Florida State Board of Education, appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush.  Has chaired eight statewide political races.  State Chairman of Jeb Bush’s gubernatorial campaigns in Florida in 1993-94 and 1997-98; and co-chairman of his 2002 re-election campaign.  Chairman of Limited Political Terms petition effort in Florida in 1991-92.  CEO of ComBanks Corporation, a bank holding company in central Florida.  Vice President for investment banking with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc. in New York, 1970-76.  Started career as a securities analyst at Fidelity Management and Research in Boston, 1968.  MBA from Harvard Business School; B.A. in Economics from Princeton University.
Co-Chair Brian Ballard
(announced Feb. 5, 2007; also named as National Finance Co-Chair)  Managing partner of the government relations firm Smith & Ballard, P.A. and of counsel for Panza, Maurer & Maynard, P.A..  A co-chair of Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s inaugural committee.  Served as chief-of-staff to Gov. Bob Martinez, 1988-90.  Graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S., 1984 and a J.D., 1988.

See Florida page >>

Co-Chair U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe
(announced Jan. 29, 2007)  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1994, and re-elected in 2000 and 2006.  Elected to the U.S. House in 1978 and served 16 years.  Elected to the Maine Senate representing Androscoggin County in 1976.  Elected to the Maine House in 1973 and re-elected in 1974.  Degree in political science from the University of Maine, 1969.
Co-Chair U.S. Sen. Susan Collins
(announced Jan. 29, 2007)  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996, and re-elected in 2002.   Republican nominee for Governor, 1994.  New England Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, 1992-93.  Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation in the cabinet of Gov. John R. McKernan, 1987-92.  Worked for U.S. Sen. William S. Cohen (D-ME) for 12 years.  Graduate of St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, 1975.

See Maine page >>

February 5 States

Co-Chair Attorney General Troy King 
(announced Aug. 30, 2006)  Alabama Attorney General since 2004, when he was appointed by Gov. Bob Riley (R); seeking election to the office in 2006.  Previously a legal advisor to Gov. Riley.  Four years as an Assistant Attorney General to Attorney General Bill Pryor, 1999-2003.  Deputy executive secretary/deputy legal advisor to Gov. Fob James.  J.D. from University of Alabama School of Law, 1994; B.S. in History and Social Sciences from Troy State University, 1990.  From Elba, AL

See Alabama page >>

Chairman U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl
(announced Feb. 23, 2007)  First elected to the U.S. Senate in 1994; elected to a third term in Nov. 2006;  Previously served four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Practiced law at Jennings, Strouss & Salmon in Phoenix.  Bachelor’s and law degrees from the University of Arizona.

See Arizona page >>

Chairman Bill Jones
(announced May 1, 2007)  Co-founded co-founded Pacific Ethanol, Inc. in Jan. 2003 and serves as chairman of the board.  Republican Party nominee for U.S. Senate in 2004.  California Secretary of State; elected in 1994, served from 1995 to 2003.  Sought the Republican nomination for governor in 2002 but finished third in the primary.  In 2000 Jones initially backed Bush for president, but switched his support to McCain after the NH primary.  Elected to the California State Assembly in 1982, served from 1983-95 including two years as Republican Leader.  Farmer and rancher.  Ran an unsucessful campaign for California State Assembly in 1976.  Bachelor's degree in agribusiness and plant sciences from California State University, Fresno in 1971.

See California page >>

Chairman former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton 
(announced Nov. 16, 2007)  Currently executive director of the Denver Police Foundation.  Served as Lt. Governor from Jan. 2003-Jan. 2007.  Executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  Served Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as regional director of the US Department of Health and Human Services and was a member of the Colorado House of Representatives.  Taught middle school in Fort Lupton.  Graduate of Colorado State University; also holds an M.S. in management degree from Regis University.  Born and raised in Grand Junction, CO.

See Colorado page >>

State Co-Chairs
U.S. Senator Joseph I. Lieberman (I-CT) (endorsement announced Dec. 17, 2007)
U.S. Representative Christopher Shays (R-CT)  (endorsement announced Feb. 8, 2007)

See Connecticut page >>

Chairman U.S. Rep. Mike Castle
(announced Feb. 20, 2007)   First elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1992.  Elected Governor of Delaware, 1984 and re-elected in 1988.  Elected Lieutenant Governor of Delaware in 1980 and served one term.  Elected to the Delaware Senate.  Elected to the Delaware House of Representatives and served one term.  Deputy Attorney General of Delaware, 1965-66.  Graduate of Hamilton College and Georgetown University Law School.  Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware.
Co-Chair Speaker of the House Terry Spence
(announced Feb. 20, 2007)  Elected to represent the 18th District in the Delaware House of Representatives in 1980 and selected as Speaker in 1987.  Spence is the longest serving Speaker of the Delaware House in state assembly history.

See Delaware page >>

On March 29, 2007 the campaign announced a Georgia Advisory Committee comprising seven influential Georgia Republicans:
state Senator Jeff Mullis, Chairman Alec Poitevint, Derrick Dickey, Leigh Ann Wood Gillis, Clint Murphy, John Sours, and Jay Walker.  Nolan Murrah added later.

See Georgia page >>

On March 22, 2007 the campaign announced support of 23 state legislators led by Representative Jim Durkin and Senate Minority Leader Frank Watson.  On November 13, 2007 the campaign announced its Illinois Leadership Team.

See Illinois page >>

Chair Jean Inman
(announced Feb.12, 2007) Chairwoman of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee from 2002-03 and from 1997-99.  Massachusetts chairwoman of Sen. McCain’s 2000 campaign.  Dietician/nutritional consultant from Avon.
Co-Chair Rep. Paul Loscocco
(announced Feb.12, 2007)  Has served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2001.
Co-Chair Sheriff Joe McDonald
(announced Feb.12, 2007)  Elected Plymouth County Sheriff in 2004.  Previously spent eight years as an assistant district attorney for Plymouth County.

See Massachusetts page >>

On Feb. 26, 2007 the exploratory committee announced McCain's Minnesota Leadership Team, comprising 54 conservative and grassroots leaders from around the state.  The list includes 10 current state Representatives and 3 current state Senators.

See Minnesota page >>

Honorary Chair Former U.S. Sen. John Danforth
(endorsement announced Jan. 31, 2008)  Served in the U.S. Senate from Dec. 27, 1976, to Jan. 3, 1995; did not seek re-election in 2004.  Unsuccessful candidate for Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate in 1970.  Attorney general of Missouri 1969-76.

See Missouri page >>

Chairman Former U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns
(announced Jan. 26, 2008) Elected to the Senate in 1988, reelected in 1994 and 2000; defeated in 2006.

See Montana page >>

Chairman State Senator Bill Baroni, Mercer & Middlesex Counties
(announced Jan. 22, 2008)
State Campaign Coordinator Rick Mroz
(announced Jan. 22, 2008)  President of Salmon Ventures, Ltd.; is a registered lobbyist and a consultant and maintains a separate law practice.  Former chief counsel to Gov. Whitman.

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Chairman Ed Cox
(announced March 29, 2007)  A senior partner in the corporate department at the law firm of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler.  In 2005 he explored running for the Senate seat held by Sen.Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Chair, trustee, director or member of numerous organizations.  Experience includes general counsel to Synfuels Corporation during the Reagan administration.  Best known as the son-in-law of Richard Nixon; married Tricia Nixon in 1971.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 1972; A.B. from Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, 1968.

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Leadership Team  (announced Jan. 21, 2008)
Honorary Chair
Republican State Committee Chair Gary Emineth, Washburn  (endorsement announced Jan. 4, 2008)

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Bismarck (endorsement announced March 7, 2007)

State Representative Stacey Dahl (R Grand Forks), District 42
Duane Sand, Fargo

Vice Chair
Public Commissioner Tony Clark, Bismarck

See North Dakota page >>

State Chairs
U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn  (endorsement announced Jan. 16, 2008)
former Gov. Frank Keating  (endorsement announced Feb. 20, 2007)

See Oklahoma page >>

State Co-Chairs
Captain Sam Bartholomew, Nashville formerly Co-Chair of Veterans for Fred Thompson
Former Congressman Van Hilleary, Spring City  Jan. 31; formerly Fred Thompson
Fred Smith, Memphis   a national co-chair; announced Feb 6, 2007
Former Governor Don Sundquist, Townsend formerly Fred Thompson
The Honorable Harry Wellford, Memphis

See Tennessee page >>

National Co-Chairman Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. (R-UT)
(see above)
State Chairman Attorney General Mark Shurtleff
(announced Dec. 7, 2006)  A lifelong Utahn and two-term Attorney General.  Prior to serving as Attorney General, Shurtleff was Chairman of the Salt Lake County Commission. He also served in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps and as an assistant attorney general, a deputy county attorney, and a small claims judge pro tempore in Utah. Graduated from Brigham Young University and the University of Utah School of Law.

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On April 18, 2007 the campaign announced its West Virginia leadership, comprising "twelve influential West Virginia Republicans."
Former state Delegate and Republican Minority Leader Larry Swann, former state Republican Party Chairman David Tyson, Senate Minority Whip Clark Barnes, state Senator Mike Hall, state Delegate Tom Azinger, state Delegate Daryl Cowles, state Delegate Thomas Mike Porter, state Delegate Jeffery Tansill, state Delegate William R. Romine, former state Senator Sarah Minear, Adjutant Miles Epling of the West Virginia American Legion, and prominent local attorney Mark Carter.

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Post February 5 States
February 9, 2008

Honorary Chairman Former U.S. Sen. Nancy Kassebaum Baker
Served in the U.S. Senate from Dec. 23, 1978, to Jan. 3, 1997.  Radio station executive in Wichita, Kansas.  Graduated from the University of Kansas 1954; graduate degree from the University of Michigan 1956.

See Kansas page >>

Chairman Former Gov. Buddy Roemer
(endorsement announced July 23, 2007)  President and CEO of Business First Bank.  Candidate for governor in 1995 but lost runoff to Sen. Mike Foster.  Governor of Louisiana from 1988-92; changed party affiliation to Republican in 1991.  Served in the U.S. Congress as a Democrat from 1981-88.  Worked in business and banking.  B.S. from Harvard University, 1964, and Master's degree in 1967.  Resident of Bossier City.

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Honorary Chairman Former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton
(announced March 1, 2007)  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1988 and 1994; defeated by Patty Murray in 2000.  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1980, defeating longtime incumbent Warren Magnuson, served one term; defeated in 1986 re-election bid by Brock Adams.  Washington Attorney General, 1969-81.  Served in the Washington State legislature from 1959-69.  Attorney.  U.S. Air Force, 1953-56.  Columbia University Law School, 1953.  Graduate of Dartmouth College, 1950.
Chairman Attorney General Rob McKenna
(endorsement announced Feb. 23, 2007)  Elected Attorney General in 2004.  Elected to the Metropolitan King County Council in 1995 and re-elected twice.   Attorney.  J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School in 1988.  B.A. in economics and a B.A. in international studies from the University of Washington.

February 12, 2008



See Maryland page >>

Co-Chair U.S. Sen. John Warner
(endorsement announced Feb. 26, 2007)  First elected to the Senate in 1978.  Secretary of the Navy, 1972-74.  Under Secretary of Navy starting in Feb. 1969.  Attorney in private practice.  Assistant U.S. Attorney.  Law degree from University of Virginia Law School.  U.S Marine Corps during the Korean War.  .B.S. from Washington and Lee University, 1949.  Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.
Co-Chair Delegate Chris Saxman
(announced Nov., 2007)  Has represented Virginia's 20th District since 2002; includes Counties of Augusta (part), Highland, and Rockingham (part); City of Staunton.  General manager of Shenandoah Valley Water.  B.A. in history from Washington & Lee University, 1987.
Co-Chair Former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore
(announced Jan. 31, 2008)  Was state chairman for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign.  Currently, he is a partner and chair of Williams Mullen's Multistate Corporate Compliance & Public Policy Group, a Richmond-based law firm.  Republican nominee for governor in 2005.  Virginia's Attorney General from 2002- 06.  Bachelor's degree from Clinch Valley College and law degree from the College of William and Mary.

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February 19, 2008

Wisconsin Steering Committee announced Feb. 14, 2008

See Wisconsin page >>

March 4, 2008

Chairman former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine
(announced Feb. 20, 2007)  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1994, re-elected in 2000, defeated in 2006.   Unsuccessfully challenged Sen. John Glenn in 1992.  Elected Lieutenant Governor of Ohio in 1990.  Elected to the U.S. House in 1982 and served eight years.  Elected to the Ohio State Senate, 1980.  Elected Greene County Prosector, 1976.  Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Greene County.  Bachelor's degree in education from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio), 1969 and a J.D. from Ohio Northern University, 1972.

See Ohio page >>

Chairman House Minority Leader Robert Watson
(announced Feb. 9, 2007)  Elected to the Rhode Island House of Representatives in 1992.  Prior to serving in the House, Watson was a state Senator for two years.  He served as chairman of Sen. McCain’s team in Rhode Island in 2000.

See Rhode Island page >>

Chairman James Huffines
(announced Dec. 14, 2006)  Commercial banker; chairman, Central and South Texas, of PlainsCapital Bank in Austin.  Currently serves as chairman of the University of Texas System Board of Regents.  Major roles in the elections of Gov. Rick Perry, including  chairman of the Perry transition team in 2000-01, co-chairman of the Texas Inaugural Committee in 2003 and 2007, and chairman of Perry’s successful 2006 re-election campaign.  Member of the inaugural committee for then Gov. George W. Bush in 1999.  Huffines began his political career by working on Bill Clements’ successful gubernatorial campaign and served Gov. Clements as appointment secretary, Nov. 1986-June 1990.  Executive at several Dallas banks.  BBA degree in finance from U.T. Austin in 1973 and attended Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University.

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On May 2, 2007 the campaign announced the endorsements of twenty-seven Vermont legislators including Senate Minority Leader Bill Doyle and House Minority Leader Steve Adams.  On  Feb. 13, 2008 the campaign announced its full Vermont Leadership Team led by general chair Gov. Jim Douglas (endorsement announced on Jan. 6, 2008).

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March 11, 2008

Chairman U.S. Rep. Chip Pickering (MS-03)
(announced Feb. 22, 2007)  First elected to Congress in 1996.  Professional staff member on the Senate Commerce Committee.  Member of Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott’s staff.  Appointed by President George H.W. Bush as a Department of Agriculture liaison to the former European Communist countries.  Bachelors degree in business administration from the University of Mississippi and a masters degree in business administration from Baylor University, 1989.  Co-chairman of Mississippi for Bush-Cheney 2000 and 2004.

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April 22, 2008

National Co-Chair (one of several) former Gov. Tom Ridge
(announced Feb. 28, 2007)  CEO of Ridge Global LLC, strategic consulting services firm in Washington, DC.  First Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Jan. 24, 2003 to 2005.  Assistant to the President for Homeland Security, appointed Oct. 2001.  Twice elected Governor of Pennsylvania in 1994 and re-elected in 1998, serving to Oct. 2001.  Elected to Congress in 1982 and re-elected five times.  Assistant district attorney in Erie County, PA, 1972-82.  J.D. from  Dickinson School of Law, 1972.  Drafted and served in the U.S. Army, 1968-70.  B.A. from Harvard University, 1967.

See Pennsylvania page >>

May 6, 2008

endorsed by Gov. Mitch Daniels (announced Feb. 22, 2007)
endorsed by Attorney General Steve Carter (announced March 7, 2007)
See Indiana page >>

State Steering Committee members
former North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Ferrell Blount (announced March 8, 2007)
former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot (announced March 8, 2007)
former North Carolina Governor Jim Martin (announced March 12, 2007)

endorsed by U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (NC) (announced March 9, 2007)
See North Carolina page >>

May 13, 2008


May 20, 2008

endorsed by U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell  (Feb. 7, 2008)
endorsed by U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield (KY-1) (Feb. 15, 2008; previously backed Romney)
See Kentucky page >>

Co-Chair U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith
(announced Aug. 9, 2006)  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996 and re-elected in 2002.  Elected to the Oregon State Senate in 1992; elected Minority Leader and then President of the Senate during his first term.  Managed his family's frozen vegetable processing company.  Attorney in private practice. Law degree from Southwestern University, 1976.  Graduate of Brigham Young University, 1976.  Native of Oregon.
See Oregon page >>

June 3, 2008

endorsed by U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici (announced Jan. 14, 2008)
endorsed by Manuel Lujan, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1989-93) and Congressman (1969-89).  (announced Dec. 9, 2007 as member of National Hispanic Advisory Board)
See New Mexico page >>

endorsed by U.S. Sen. John Thune  (Feb. 19, 2007)
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