PRESS RELEASE from the Republican National Committee

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June 3, 2008


WASHINGTON – Victory 2008 Finance Chairman Lew Eisenberg today announced the leadership of the McCain Victory Florida Finance Committee (MVFF). The MVFF, which will be chaired by Brian Ballard, is a joint fundraising committee composed of the Republican National Committee (RNC), John McCain 2008 Inc., John McCain 2008 General Election Compliance Fund, and the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).

“Florida will once again be an important battleground state this year, and the McCain Victory Florida Finance Committee will be a critical finance operation that will help ensure success in the Sunshine State this November,” said Eisenberg. “I am confident that with this team’s leadership, our Party will maintain our current fundraising advantage over the Democrats in Florida and nationwide.”

McCain Victory Florida Finance Statewide Co-Chair

Harry Sargeant

McCain Victory Florida Finance Regional Co-Chairs:

Akhil Agrawal

Al Austin

Dick Beard

Allan Bense

Ed Burr

Steve Burton

Dean Cannon

Gary Chartrand

Rich Crotty

John Dasburg

Jack Donahue

Marty Fiorentino

Joe Fogg

Phil Handy

Al Hoffman

Mori Housseini

Manny Kadre

Fred Karlinsky

Bing Kearney

Frank Kruppenbacher

Benjamin Leon, Jr.

John Moran

Bertica Morris

Ana Navarro

Armando Olivera

Tom Panza

Randy Perkins

Tom Petway

Don Phillips

Ambassador John Rood

Scott Rothstein

Brent Sembler

Kathleen Shanahan

Vernon Smith

Steve Swindal

Hanz Tanzler III

Harkley Thornton

Joe Williams

Carlos Alfonso

Ambassador Charles Cobb

Jim Seneff