Early Feature Articles: 2005-06 and a bit of '07

Feature articles can have a particular impact in the early stages of the campaign when impressions of the presidential hopefuls are just beginning to form.  An appearance on the cover of a national magazine or a well written feature can spur a lot of conversation and boost the prospects of a potential candidate.  These articles give a sense of who the leading presidential prospects are.

Matthew Continetti.  "George Allen Monkeys Around."  The Weekly Standard.  October 2, 2006 (cover story).
David Holman.  "The Jeffersonian."  The American Spectator.  June 2006 (cover story).
Ryan Lizza.  "Pin Prick." The New Republic.  May 8, 2006 (cover story).
Richard Lowry.  "Buckling His Chin Strap."  National Review.  November 7, 2005 (cover story).
David Nather.  "A Sporting Chance."  CQ Weekly.  October 24, 2005 (cover story).

Noam Scheiber.  "The Apostle."  The New Republic.  December 18, 2006 (cover story).
Jeff Sharlet.  "God's Senator."  Rolling Stone.  January 25, 2006.
On C-SPAN's "Q&A," program date December 25, 2005.

Alan K. Ota.  "Running From the Senate."  CQ Weekly.  June 19, 2006 (cover story).

Deroy Murdock.  "America's Mayor."  American Spectator.  September 2006 (cover story).

Nina Easton.  "The new Newt thing."  Fortune.  January 22, 2007.
Jason Zengerle.  "The Thinker."  The New Republic.  July 24, 2006 (cover story).

Joseph Lelyveld.  "The Heartland Dissident."  The New York Times Magazine.  February 12, 2006 (cover story).
On C-SPAN's "Q&A," program date November 13, 2005.
George Neumayr.  "Ground Chuck."  The American Spectator, January-February 2005 (cover story).


Mark Leibovich.  "Fire in the Belly."  The Washington Post.  January 17, 2006, page C1 (Style).
David S. Broder.  "The Next Man From Hope?"  The Washington Post.  July 21, 2005.

Todd S. Purdum.  "Prisoner of Conscience."  Vanity Fair February 2007.
Glenn Frankel.  "The McCain Makeover."  The Washington Post Magazine.  August 27, 2006 (cover story).
Chris Jones.  "One of Us."  Esquire.  August 2006 (cover story).
David Nather.  "Softening the Skeptics."  CQ Weekly.  May 3, 2006 (cover story).
Ari Berman.  "The Real McCain."  The Nation.  December 12, 2005 (cover story).
Connie Bruck.  "McCain's Party."  The New Yorker.  May 30, 2005.  [12,485 words]

John J. Miller.  "The GOP's Pataki Problem."  National Review.  February 28, 2005 (cover story).

Ann Reilly Dowd.  "What Makes Condi Run."  AARP.  September & October 2005 (cover story).

On C-SPAN's "Q&A," program date March 19, 2006.

Shawn Macomber.  "Mighty Mitt Romney."  The American Spectator.  March 2006.

AP four-part series.  (from boston.com)
Steve LeBlanc.  "Romney ponders a political future fraught with promise, perils."  September 3, 2005.
Theo Emery.  "Governor reloads on state social issues for possible 2008 run."  September 5, 2005.
Steve LeBlanc.  "Romney the reformer tallies wins, losses as he ponders next move."  September 5, 2005.
Glen Johnson.  "Romney team emulates Bush White House in style, operation.  September 6, 2005.

Sridhar Pappu.  "The Holy Cow! Candidate."  The Atlantic Monthly.  September 2005.

John J. Miller.  "Matinee Mitt."  National Review.  June 20, 2005 (cover story).

Terry Eastland.  "In 2008, Will It Be Morman in America?"  The Weekly Standard.  June 6, 2005 (cover story).

Michael Crowley.  Border War."  The New Republic.  March 28 & April 4, 2005.

Chris Cillizza.  "The Life Of The Party?"  Indianapolis Monthly.  August 2005.

Chris Smith.  "The Woman in the Bubble."  New York.  November 13, 2006.  ("...And Now the Real Race Begins*" cover).
Joshua Green.  "Take Two." The Atlantic Monthly.  November 2006 ("Hillary's Choice" cover).
Dan Ackman with Elaine Povich.  "Hillary's Running."  Pink.  August/September 2006 (cover story).
Karen Tumulty.  "Ready To Run." Time.  August 28, 2006 ("Love Her/Hate Her" cover).
Craig Horowitz.  "The Trouble With Hillary."  New York.  May 29, 2006 (cover story).
Martin Kady II.  "New York Role, National Stage for Clinton."  CQ Weekly.  April 3, 2006 (cover story).
Carl M. Cannon.  "Why Not Hillary?  She can win the White House."  Washington Monthly.  July/August 2005.  and
Amy Sullivan.  "Hillary in 2008?  Not so fast."  Washington Monthly.  July/August 2005 (cover story).
Greg Sargent.  "Brand Hillary." The Nation.  June 6, 2005 (cover story).
Jennifer Senior.  "The Once and Future President Clinton."  New York.  February 21, 2005 ("President and Mr Clinton" cover).

Jason Zengerle.  "The Accidental Populist."  The New Republic.  January 22, 2007 (cover story).
Bob Moser.  "Cornbread and Roses."  The Nation.  November 28,  2005.

Frank Bures.  "Person of the Year: Russ Feingold is Listening."  Madison.  November 2006 (cover story).
John Powers.  "Man of the Moment."  Vogue.  February 2006.
Michael Crowley.  "Withdrawal Symptoms."  The New Republic.  November 21, 2005 (cover story).

Tim Dickinson.  "Run, Al, Run"  Rolling Stone.  January 24, 2007
Karen Breslau.  "The Resurrection of Al Gore."  Wired.  May 2006 (cover story).
John Heilemann.  "The Comeback Kid."  New York.   May 29, 2006 ("The Un-Hillary" cover).
Ezra Klein.  "The New New Gore."  The American Prospect.  April 2006 ("Reborn.  To Run?" cover).

Jeff Gordinier.  "John Kerry Uncut."  Details.  January/February 2007.
John Maggs.  "Bucking History."  National Journal.  March 5, 2005 (cover story).

Ken Silverstein.  "Barack Obama Inc."  Harper's.  November 2006 (cover story).
Joe Klein.  "Why Barack Obama Could Be The Next President."  Time.  October 23, 2006 (cover story).
Jennifer Senior.  "Dreaming of Obama."  New York.  October 2, 2006.
Jacob Weisberg.  "The Path to Power."  Men's Vogue.  September/October 2006 (cover story).
Jodi Enda.  "Great Expectations."  The American Prospect.  February 5, 2006 (cover story).

"High Ambition: Richardson Eyes the White House"  Five-part series in the Albuquerque Journal on successive Sundays from Jan. 21 to Feb. 18, 2007.

On C-SPAN's "Q&A," program date November 6, 2005.
Tod Newcombe.  "Leaving his Mark."  Public CIO.  November 2005 (cover story).

John Heilemann.  "His American Dream."  New York.  December 11, 2006. ("Bloomberg '08: He's Serious" cover).

The Field
Craig Crawford.  "Field of Dreamers."  CQ Weekly.  November 6, 2006 (cover story).

The Examiner [Washington, DC] newspaper "Meet the Next President" 12-part series by Senior White House Correspondent Bill Sammon:
"After studying the polls, consulting the handicappers and interviewing the candidates themselves, The Examiner has winnowed a list of 30 potential presidential contenders down to 10.  The result is 'Meet the Next President,' a two-week series of in-depth profiles of the 10 people most likely to become the next leader of the free world."

"Romney: The Man to Beat?"  September 11, 2006.
"Edwards Has a Plan."  September 12, 2006.
"Huckabee Rising."  September 13, 2006.
"Kerry's Second Shot."  September 14, 2006.
"McCain the Maverick."  September 15, 2006.
"The vast Dem pool."  September 16, 2006.
"Russ Feingold Knows What He Wants."  September 18, 2006.
"George Allen Stays the Course."  September 19, 2006.
"Mark Warner  The Fallback Guy."  September 20, 2006.
"Giuliani tops in early GOP polls."  September 21, 2006.
"Hillary Clinton remains coy about run."  September 22, 2006.
"An open spot atop GOP."  September 23, 2006.

ABC News Political Unit.  "2008 Presidential Invisible Primary Ratings, Vol. 1."  March 23, 2006.

The Hill newspaper "Eye on the White House" series:

Alexander Bolton.  "Warner hopes rural appeal is his '08 ticket."  July 13, 2005.
Alexander Bolton.  "'Uniter' Biden says he can win in the red states."  June 29, 2005.
Geoff Earle.  "GOP centrists promote Giuliani."  June 23, 2005.
Alexander Bolton.  "Richardson bets chips on a Western strategy."  June 15, 2005.
Alexander Bolton.  "Former insider Edwards now running as outsider."  June 1, 2005.
Jonathan E. Kaplan.  "'My soul is a work in progress.'" [Brownback].  May 25, 2005.
Alexander Bolton.  "Bayh says he's Clinton, but he's a bit Gore too."  May 18, 2005.
Geoff Earle.  "Allen needs '06 yards, but he's throwing deep."  May 11, 2005.
Alexander Bolton.  "John Kerry has to prove he's not yesterday's man."  May 4, 2005.
Geoff Earle.  "Frist finds it's tough to lead Senate while he's aiming at the presidency."  April 27, 2005.

James A. Barnes.  "The Rock Star and the Rest."  National Journal.  April 30, 2005 (cover story).
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