Governors Focus on Health
National Governors Association Healthy America Forum and Winter Meeting
Washington, DC,  February 25-28, 2006
February 26, 2006--While Sara Moulton, host of Food Network's "Sara's Secrets" and executive chef for Gourmet magazine showed how to prepare a quick and healthy meal with a little help from Gov. Phil Bredesen (D-TN), governors, guests and staffers enjoyed lunch.

First Course: Arugula Salad with Aged Gouda, Savory Praline and Whole Grain Mustard Dressing (page 54, Sara Moulton Cooks at Home, Broadway Books, 2002) 

Second Course: Moroccan Vegetable Stew with Harissa and Whole Wheat Couscous (page 236, Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals, Broadway Books, 2005) 

Third Course: Quick Grape Crumble (page 337, Sara’s Secrets for Weeknight Meals, Broadway Books, 2005) 

After Moulton's presentation, Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., Chairman and CEO of The Cooper Institute, spoke.  In his remarks he cited the example of his work with Frito-Lay to eliminate trans fats from its snack foods.
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