Republican National Committee

"Why The About Face"

60-second radio ad aired on Boston and New Hampshire radio stations before the June 3, 2007 Democrat debate (announced June 1, 2007).
My name is Al Baldasaro, and I'm from Londonderry, NH.  I'm a retired U.S. Marine, Desert Storm Veteran.

A few weeks ago, Barack Obama said he didn't want to play chicken with the troops and create a situation where they wouldn't have the equipment they need.

Last month Hillary Clinton said "of course" she would fund our troops.

And John Edwards said in mid-May, "it's time to support our troops."

And yet they were all against an emergency supplemental bill to fund our troops in Iraq that will provide

$1.6 billion for body armor
$2.4 billion to help combat IEDs
$3 billion for Mine Resistant Vehicles

When they are in New Hampshire for their debate this weekend, the question I want to hear them answer is "Why the sudden about face?"

Is politics more important than our troops in harm's way?

Disclaimer: Paid for by the Republican National Committee.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.  The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this ad.