PRESS RELEASE from New Hampshire Democratic Party

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                           December 19, 2007
Pia Carusone

NH Dems Announce 95 Delegates Slated at Last Weekend's Caucuses

Diversity Goals Achieved

(Concord) - On December 15th, 903 people participated in the New Hampshire Democratic Party district-level delegate selection caucuses where 95 delegates were slated. 28 of the 95 people slated identify with historically under-represented groups, fulfilling the 1/3 affirmative action goal.

District-level delegates, 7 in each district, are divided equally between men and women and positions within each district are designated by presidential preference beginning with the highest vote-getting candidates. Presidential candidates must receive over 15% of the district wide vote in order to be allocated delegates. The next step will happen on April 26th, 2008 when the district-level delegates will caucus at the NHDP headquarters to fill 8 openings for at-large and pledged party leader and elected official delegate openings.

The full list of delegate slates that were chosen by each campaign are now available to view on our website by clicking here.

"Our district-level delegate selection process went very smoothly," said Raymond Buckley, Chair of the NH Democratic Party. "I can't remember a time when New Hampshire Democrats were more active than they are now. The success of the weekend caucuses ensured that New Hampshire will send a diverse and committed delegation to Denver next summer."



Joe Biden
1st Congressional District:
Thomas Maher,  New Castle
Karen Whelan,  Portsmouth
Joseph Russell,  Stratham
Mary Foley,  Portsmouth
Gary Dozier,  Hampton Falls
Joyce Dozier,  Hampton Falls
Kerry McDermott,  Dover
2nd Congressional District:
Ann Clark-Balcom,  Pelham
Paul Dadak,  Pelham
Kathleen Barnes,  Hollis
John Constatian,  Durham
Julia Barnes,  Nashua
James Oehler,  Hollis
Amanda Ryan,  Franklin

Hillary Clinton
1st Congressional District:
Christopher Pappas,  Manchester
Emily Walsh,  Manchester
Russell Weatherspoon,  Exeter
Jacqueline Weatherspoon,  Exeter
Gregory Sargent,  Manchester
Donna Soucy,  Manchester
Daniel Bergeron,  Manchester
2nd Congressional District:
Bette Lasky,  Nashua
Michael Atkins,  Lyndeborough
Sylvia Larsen,  Concord
David Pierce,  Etna
Melanie Levesque,  Brookline
Peter Delfausse,  Concord
Mary Jane Wallner,  Concord

Chris Dodd
1st Congressional District:
Mark Mitchell,  Barrington
Cinde Warmington,  Gilford
Mike Farley,  Manchester
Marcia Moody,  Newmarket
George McKinney,  Manchester
Zelma McKinney,  Manchester
Christopher Kennedy,  Manchester
2nd Congressional District:
Mary Stuart Gile,  Concord
James McConaha,  Concord
Elizabeth Campbell,  Concord
Patrick Clark,  Tilton
Marcie Mullaney,  New Boston
Henry Mullaney,  New Boston
Anna Tilton,  Keene

John Edwards
1st Congressional District:
Joshua Denton,  Portsmouth
Laurie McCray,  Portsmouth
John Joyal,  Somersworth
Julie Gilman,  Exeter
Christiaan Muns,  Hampton
Sandra Mucci,  Meredith
Gregory Gilman,  Exeter
2nd Congressional District:
Deborah Bacon-Nelson,  Hanover
Rob Werner,  Concord
Robin Holland,  Tilton
Harold Judd,  Bow
Sharon Nordgren,  Hanover
David Gottesman,  Nashua
Kristin Frykman,  Peterborough

Dennis Kucinich
1st Congressional District:
Emmanuel Krasner,  Farmington
Patricia Frisella,  Farmington
William Marvel,  Center Conway
Ruth Hall,  Union
Benjamin Clifford,  Manchester
Emily Schmalzer,  Brentwood
2nd Congressional District:
Marcosa Santiago-Ecklein,  Rumney
David Ecklein,  Rumney
Betty Hall,  Brookline
William Klaus,  Winchester
Alice Mahar,  Keene
William Beardslee,  Keene
Mercedes Quesada-embid,  Keene

Barack Obama
1st Congressional District:
Paul O'connor,  Exeter
Joanne Dowdell,  Portsmouth
Richard Komi,  Manchester
Kathleen Gehling,  Londonderry
David Watters,  Dover
Gabriele Grossman,  Exeter
Ryan Gray,  Goffstown
2nd Congressional District:
Ann Kuster,  Hopkinton
Ned Helms,  Concord
Carol Moore,  Concord
Andru Volinsky,  Concord
Gerri King,  Concord
Mark Fernald,  Sharon
Patricia Ayers,  Hopkinton

Bill Richardson
1st Congressional District:
Douglas Lindner,  Manchester
Eileen Ehlers,  Hooksett
George Bruno,  Manchester
Shannan Graham,  Derry
Peter Somssich,  Portsmouth
Carol Jordan,  Candia
Sean Doyle,  Manchester
2nd Congressional District:
Amanda Grady,  Concord
Philip Grandmaison,  Nashua
Jane Taylor,  Keene
John Cloutier,  Claremont
Courtney Merrill,  Hanover
Andrew Howarth,  Keene
Gloria Seldin,  Concord