New Hampshire Republican State Committee
For Immediate Release
Wednesday, April 5, 2006
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Actions Speak Louder than Words:
NH GOP Chairman Calls on Democrats
to Stop Jeopardizing the Primary

Concord, NH: Today, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne Semprini called on Governor John Lynch and Democrat Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan to stop lip-synching support for the New Hampshire primary and to start engaging the Democrat candidates directly in securing their formal pledges to keep New Hampshire from being bumped down the election ladder.

"Part of the role of the New Hampshire Governor has always been to defend our First in the Nation Presidential Primary status," stated Semprini.  "Fighting to preserve the primary takes more effort than issuing local press releases and making kind remarks in safe New Hampshire locations.  The Governor needs to call on the various potential Democrat candidates and enlist their active support to fight any rule that weakens our traditional role.  Unfortunately, the New Hampshire Democrats are being led by Kathy Sullivan who is acidic with a quote but is rudderless when it comes to putting together a plan to safeguard the primary.  To watch Kathy Sullivan be the lone voice in the nation voting no at recent Democrat Primary Commission meetings held in Washington shows that she has not done her homework and certainly does not have the ability to create a coalition to save the primary.  She is clearly in over her head and Governor Lynch must step in and take over by carrying New Hampshire's message directly to the Democrat candidates.  Kathy Sullivan has clearly dropped the ball.  More self-serving press releases are not needed, a coordinated game plan is!”

In a letter dated November 30, 2005 to DNC Chairman Howard Dean, a Presidential candidate in 2004 who has flip-flopped on his stance in supporting New Hampshire's First in the Nation status, Governor Lynch wrote:

"It has become increasingly clear that the Primary Commission has lost sight of its mission, devolving into an exercise focused solely on removing New Hampshire from its traditional role in the nominating process.”

"Such an outcome is unacceptable, and New Hampshire will take whatever steps are necessary to preserve its state law and traditional role in the nominating process."

"These are strong words from a Governor who has been AWOL to date," Semprini stated.  "Since Governor Lynch's letter to Howard Dean, the DNC Commission has voted in favor of adding caucuses between Iowa and New Hampshire, a measure that DNC Chairman Howard Dean now supports. Governor Lynch responds, through a spokesperson, that he will support Secretary of State Bill Gardner in whatever he decides and that visits by potential 2008 candidates offer New Hampshire hope.  While Bill Gardner has always done an outstanding job protecting the primary, Governor Lynch and the Democratic team must engage, remove Kathy Sullivan from the process, and gain support from the Democrat Presidential candidates so that it will not be a one person party at the next Commission meeting.”

"When a Republican occupied the corner office in the State House, New Hampshire's primary status was aggressively defended against all takers. While I look forward to helping in any bipartisan way possible, there needs to be a change in the New Hampshire Democrat Leadership’s team and Governor Lynch needs to step up to the plate before it is too late!" concluded Semprini.