HARSTAD RESEARCH Celebrates Wins by Client Barack Obama and Democrats
December 17, 2008 - Paul Harstad and his colleagues at Harstad Strategic Research join with scores of other Democrats in celebrating the stunning victory of Barack Obama - our client since 2002 when he first began his Senate primary race.  And today we congratulate two more of our clients - Ken Salazar and Tom Vilsack - upon their nomination to Obama's Cabinet.
Five years ago, Barack Obama was a completely unknown state legislator.  Today he is probably the best known and most admired person in the world.  On November 4, he won the biggest share of the presidential vote in 20 years, carried 9 Red States, and compiled better than a 2-to-1 edge in the Electoral College (365 to 173) - in the process helping Democrats pick up congressional, gubernatorial, and legislative seats.
Harstad and clients: Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado, President-elect Barack Obama.For more than two years, Harstad Research has conducted survey research for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.  We polled in the critical Iowa caucuses, and a dozen other primary states.  Our polling in Iowa showed Obama more than doubling his share of the caucus vote from early 2007, moving from a distant third place to the decisive Iowa win that launched his history-making victory in November.
 Harstad and clients: Sen. Ken Salazar of Colorado, President-elect Barack Obama. 
In the general election, we provided polling and analysis in nearly a dozen Battleground states in the Industrial Belt and Midwestern regions - including victories in 7 of 8 core Battleground states.  In all, we conducted polls for him in about half of the 50 states, plus broader issue and messaging surveys.
We are proud to have been part of the Obama campaign's broader media team and polling consortium, and to have worked along side an amazing team of political strategists, operatives, field organizers and volunteers.   The campaign's remarkable cohesion, commitment, and discipline are testaments to the character of Barack Obama and the campaign leadership.
Our VP Mike Kulisheck, PhD, has worked with Paul Harstad on behalf of Barack Obama since May 2002 when we began polling and offering strategic advice for his 2004 upset Democratic primary victory in Illinois for U.S. Senator.  Mike oversaw much of the Obama presidential campaign research, encompassing over 200 surveys. 
Besides doing ongoing in-depth statistical analysis and Pennsylvania general election polling for the Obama campaign, our VP Andrew Maxfield, PhD, also provided polling and strategy in the upset defeat of Republican Congressman Bill Sali by Democrat Walt Minnick in conservative Idaho's 1st CD.
Our vice president Chris Keating, PhD, extended his winning streak in Colorado to include both U.S. Senators by overseeing polling and strategy in Mark Udall's decisive 10-point victory over Bob Schaffer, adding to the 2004 win by our client Ken Salazar.    In 2004, Harstad Research helped elect the only two new Democratic senators that year - Obama and Salazar.
Overall, our firm has won 42 out of our past 47 statewide general elections for U.S. senator, governor, initiatives and presidential Battleground states.  Besides Salazar, Udall, and Obama, our other Senate clients include Claire McCaskill, Tom Harkin and Jack Reed (the latter two of whom were also reelected this year).  We helped all of them win their first Senate races, including 5 of the 6 who picked up Republican seats and 2 of the 6 who defeated incumbent GOP senators. 
There is no better way imaginable to lose a Senate client than to see him sworn in as President.  Our congratulations to Barack Obama and the millions who actively helped him achieve this history-making victory for America.  Today, Obama nominates our clients Senator Salazar to be his U.S. Interior Secretary and Governor Tom Vilsack to be his U.S. Agriculture Secretary.

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