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January 3, 2008

Governor deJongh endorses Barack Obama for President

From St. Croix, on the day before the nation’s first caucuses in Iowa, Governor John P. deJongh Jr. announced his endorsement of the candidacy of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States. deJongh said, "Each of the leading Democratic candidates have the skills and experience to lead the country, but Barack Obama is the best candidate for change when change is most needed in this world." Senator Obama’s entire political career has been focused building bridges between people. I have been impressed with his consistent focus on healing class and racial divides, and restoring America’s prestige in the world, deJongh added.

The Chief Executive met with Senator Obama during a campaign stop in the Virgin Islands where they discussed a range of key issues facing the territory, including SCHIP and other Federal programs affecting families and children, Medicaid, drug interdiction, regional security, and the challenges of economic development. Following the event, Senator Obama joined the Governor for an inspiring meeting with young Virgin Island students. "Senator Obama and I share a strong commitment to reforming education so that our children can meet the various difficult challenges of this century," deJongh said.

Virgin Islanders were honored that he brought his message directly to the Territory. Senator Obama’s impressive intellect, his knowledge of our problems, his commitment to change, openness to new ideas, and his commitment to supporting our economic development agenda, makes him the ideal choice to be the next President of the United States. "I am confident that the Virgin Islands will have a stronger voice in an Obama White House. And I plan to work as hard as I can to support his candidacy and a Democratic victory next November," deJongh said.

ed. note: Obama visited on Nov. 5, 2007

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May 10, 2008

Two Virgin Island Superdelegates Endorse Barack Obama; Delegate Countdown - 157 To Go

Virgin Island superdelegates Carole Burke and Kevin Rodriquez endorsed Barack Obama today. Rodriquez had previously backed Senator Clinton but decided to switch his endorsement, citing Obama’s ability to unite the Democratic Party and win the White House:

While I have great respect for Senator Clinton, today I am announcing my support for Barack Obama. Senator Obama has brought a new generation  and energy into the democratic process and the Democratic Party. He has shown he can connect with Democrats, Republicans and Independents across this country, whether we live on the mainland or an island. Senator Obama’s judgment to lead, courage to tell the truth and commitment to working men and women make him the best candidate to lead this country forward.

274 superdelegates have now endorsed Barack Obama and 122 have endorsed since February 5. Obama is 157 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination.