PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
Feb. 29, 2008


Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez and Associate Chair Donna Cassutt Back Obama

Chicago, IL – Today, the Chair and Associate Chair of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party endorsed Barack Obama.  Chair Brian Melendez and Associate Chair Donna Cassutt —to Minnesota superdelegates — backed Obama, citing his overwhelming win in the Minnesota caucuses and ability to bring new voters into the process.

Chair Brian Melendez said, “Before Super Tuesday, I decided that, as a superdelegate, I would support whichever candidate won the presidential-preference ballot in Minnesota — and Senator Obama and his campaign for change won it decisively. I also decided that I would hold off on announcing this decision in the hope that voters in other states would decide the nomination and that the superdelegates would not affect the outcome.

“Now, however, it appears that the superdelegates’ votes may affect the outcome. I am therefore announcing that I will support Senator Barack Obama for president. I have heard loud and clear the voices of the more than 214,000 enthusiastic DFLers who attended their precinct caucuses. As their elected party chair, I respect their choice, and will be pleased to honor it by casting my vote for Senator Obama at the Democratic National Convention.

“DFLers shattered all turnout records at precinct caucuses this year, braving a cold winter night, long lines, and bustling crowds. We may have supported different candidates for president this year so far, but we are all energized and ready to keep Minnesota blue this November for the ninth presidential election in a row.”

Associate Chair Donna Cassutt said, “Hope, the passion for change, and the belief in the possibilities for our great nation: the over 214,000 Minnesotans who turned out to the DFL precinct caucuses this year showed that all of these are alive and well in Minnesota. Reflecting the enthusiastic and overwhelming support for Senator Barack Obama at our caucuses, I will gladly cast my vote as a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention for Senator Obama.

“With the incredible grassroots energy and the number of folks new to the political process, I am confident that we will not only win Minnesota’s electoral votes in November, but also take back our beloved Paul Wellstone’s Senate seat and usher in a new era of common-sense, progressive politics.”

Senator Obama won the Minnesota Caucuses on February 5th with 66 percent of the vote.




February 29, 2008

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