PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America
March 26, 2008

Obama Campaign Announces National Chair Of Latino and Hispanic Fundraising

Chicago,  IL—The Obama Campaign announced the appointment of Francisco "Frank" Sánchez, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Transportation, as the National Chair of Latino and Hispanic Fundraising. Sánchez, is also an advisor on Latin American policy for the campaign. In his new capacity, Sanchez will Co-Chair along with Illinois Attorney, Manny Sanchez, the Obama Hispanic Leadership Council.  This newly formed Council will work with the national finance team to increase the already growing enthusiasm and fundraising efforts for the Obama campaign in the Hispanic Community.

“Barack Obama is the candidate in the race who will deliver change we can believe in” said Sánchez.  “During the course of this campaign, we have seen thousands of inspired Latinos turning out to do whatever it takes to spread Senator Obama’s message of bringing our country together.  We need a president with the leadership and judgment to not only unite our country but specifically address the issues affecting Latinos; Senator Obama’s record has proven that he will be a strong advocate for Latinos nationwide.”

“I am proud to have the support of such an influential pioneer in the Latino community,” Senator Obama said. “Frank will play a key role in reaching out to Latinos about our campaign’s vision to unite our country and expand our growing enthusiasm in the Latino community.”

In 1999, Sánchez was the Special Assistant to the President of the  United States working in the Office of the Special Envoy for the  Americas. While in the White House, Sánchez worked with the National Security Council, the State Department and the U.S. Trade Representative on  Western Hemisphere economic integration and the promotion of democracy. Under the  Clinton administration, he served as the United States Assistant Secretary of Transportation where he oversaw international negotiations.

He graduated from Florida State University where he received his undergraduate and Law Degrees and holds a master’s degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at  Harvard  University.


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March 26, 2008
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