PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America via West Virginia Blue
April 29, 2008

Charleston, WV - Today, leaders and legislators from the Northern Panhandle region of West Virginia endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President, citing his ability to unite us to bring real change that matters to West Virginia's families.

"For more than 50 years I have had the opportunity to be involved in Democratic Presidential elections, both on a close and personal basis and more recently as an observer.  I believe Barack Obama has the potential to be the leader of this generation that Robert Kennedy was for his.  He has shown an uncanny ability to inspire and bond with old and young voters alike.  He does not merely talk about bringing us together -- he has already done this across the country as his candidacy has motivated millions of new voters to take part in our political process.  The energy and spirit he has brought to this election takes me back to the same energy and spirit that was present in the spring of 1968," said John Chernenko former State Senator and World War II veteran.

"Barack Obama understands that working families in West Virginia are hungry for change and want a president in the White House that will stand up to the special interests and fight for the middle class," said John Saunders Democratic Party Co-Chair of Ohio County and leader in the steelworker community.

Obama received the endorsement of the following leaders from the Northern Panhandle:

State Sen. Larry Edgell (D- Wetzel County)
Former State Senator John Chernenko, decorated World War II veteran and former Prisoner of War, former U.S. Marshall Northern District West Virginia (D- Brooke County)
Del. Tal Hutchins (D- Ohio County)
Sheriff Tom Burgoyne (D -Ohio County)
Commissioner David Sims (D- Ohio County)
John Saunders (Ohio County Democratic Party Co-Chair, leader steelworker community)
Frank Slider (Tyler County Democratic Party Co-Chair)

Obama, whose campaign has opened up eight field offices throughout the state of West Virginia, has been endorsed by United States Senator Jay Rockefeller, Congressman Nick Rahall and, just yesterday, former Congressman and former West Virginia Secretary of State Ken Hechler.