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May 12, 2008

Idaho Superdelegate Keith Roark Endorses Barack Obama; Delegate Countdown - 150 To Go

CHICAGO, IL – Today, Idaho Superdelegate Keith Roark endorsed Barack Obama for President. Roark is the 281st  superdelegate to endorse Obama, who is 150 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination.

Roark's statement:

After several months of careful consideration, I am announcing today that I will cast my vote this August at the Democratic National Convention for the next President of the United States, Senator Barrack Obama.  I have not come quickly or easily to this decision.  Democrats are blessed to have two outstanding candidates vying for our party’s nomination at this defining moment in American history.

I have no doubt that Senator Obama will run the stronger race.  The unprecedented enthusiasm Senator Obama has generated here in Idaho is unlike anything I have seen in the past 31 years of active political participation in this State.  He has captured the imagination and mint fresh optimism of young voters from Couer d’Alene to Caldwell, from Murphy to Montpelier.  I firmly believe that the critical process of rebuilding the Idaho Democratic Party will receive a once in a lifetime boost from Senator Obama’s candidacy.

Keith Roark is Chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party.