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May 15, 2008

Rep. Jim McDermott Endorses Obama; Delegate Countdown - 132.5 To Go

, IL – Today, United States Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA) endorsed Barack Obama for president.

McDermott’s endorsement means that Obama has been endorsed by 290.5 superdelegates. Obama is 132.5 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination.

Congressman McDermott said, “I am proud to endorse Barack Obama today, because I believe he will bring us together to achieve the kind of change we need in this country moving forward.  As Democrats, we are fortunate to have two very talented public servants running to be the nominee of our party, and I have great respect for Senator Clinton. But I believe now is the time to unite behind Barack Obama so we can be in the strongest place possible to win in November.  Barack Obama has chosen to spend his career speaking out for those who need a voice and reaching across the aisle to bring change that matters in the lives of working families. I am confident that as president, Barack Obama will end the war in Iraq and bring our sons and daughters home, he will make universal health care a reality and he will restore our moral standing in the world.  Barack Obama won the race in my home state by an overwhelming margin and I am thankful that so many new voters have become engaged because of the kind of campaign he has run, and I am happy to support him today.”

Senator Obama said, “I am grateful for Congressman McDermott’s support.  Congressman McDermott has steadfastly served Seattle and the entire 7th Congressional District, and we share the important goal of making universal health care a reality.  Jim was right about the war and his constituents never wavered in their support of his stand.  I admire Congressman McDermott’s work in our Foreign Service in Africa and his leadership in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and improving treatment in places where it’s needed most.  He is working hard to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families across America, and he believes America can and should lead the world in fighting extreme global poverty.  I look forward to working with him in the months ahead to advance our common goals here at home and around the world.”