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May 19, 2008

Two Alaska Superdelegates Endorse Barack Obama; Delegate Countdown - 109 To Go

Alaska superdelegates Cindy Spanyers and Blake Johnson announced their support today for Barack Obama, citing his ability to move the country in a new direction and his understanding of Alaskan issues:

Senator Obama is committed to Alaskans and establishing important ties to the state. He recognizes Alaska's role in our future in energy and is sensitive to the challenges we face due to high-energy costs across the state, from Juneau to Fairbanks and across rural Alaska.

Alaskans responded overwhelmingly to his campaign in February, coming out in droves in sub-zero weather. His candidacy captured the imagination of thousands of new voters, including Republicans and non-partisans who responded to his message of change. Senator Obama will work to end the war in Iraq; provide affordable health care to all Americans; and strengthen our economy by creating good paying jobs.

Spanyers and Johnson are 303.5th and 304.5th superdelegates to endorse Obama. Barack is now 109 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination.