POSTING on Obama for America
May 19, 2008

Kansas Superdelegate for Obama; Delegate Countdown - 111 To Go

opeka - Kansas Democratic Party Chair Larry Gates announced his endorsement for Sen. Barack Obama for president this afternoon, citing his proven ability to win in red states and his positive campaign for change. 

Sen. Obama has been endorsed by 302.5 super delegates.  He is 111 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination.

Gates said: 

Kansans can unite behind Sen. Obama and his positive campaign, and that is why I have chosen to endorse him,” Gates said.  “He has proven his ability to bring Democrats, Republicans and Independents together, and holds the same commitment to working across party lines as Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. 

Senator Obama inspired record numbers of voters to turn out to the Kansas caucuses, which not only strengthens our Party but also the whole political process. He is the best candidate for Democrats to stand behind as we work to take on John McCain – who supports the war in Iraq and Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans – in November. 

While I have decided to endorse Sen. Obama, I think it is important to note that Sen. Clinton is a strong leader who ran a passionate campaign.  Her contribution to the national discussion has been invaluable and will continue to be important as we're working together to elect Sen. Obama to the White House.

Sen. Obama previously received a commitment from Gov. Sebelius, as well as Kansas Democratic Party National Committeeman Lee Kinch and National Committeewoman Randy Roy.  Kansas Democratic Party Vice Chair Teresa Krusor announced a commitment to Sen. Clinton.  Congressman Dennis Moore, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda and National Federation of Democratic Women President Helen Knetzer remain uncommitted.