PRESS RELEASE from Iowa Democratic Party

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                 Contact: Brooke Borkenhagen
May 20, 2008                                                                            
Des Moines – Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan released the following statement after hosting a morning press conference in Des Moines announcing his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama:
“Today, I stand with many Iowa Democrats by announcing my support for Senator Barack Obama.  I’m endorsing Barack Obama today because he is positioned to pick up a majority of pledged delegates later tonight.  I have said all along, that pledged delegates should be the marker, and today I am proud to stand with the majority of Iowa Democrats and a nearing majority of national delegates. 
The level of enthusiasm for Democratic candidates this year is unlike anything I have seen in Iowa politics.  In January, we saw 240,000 people turn out to caucus for Democrats here in Iowa, virtually doubling the turnout from 2004.   Iowa Democrats are going to work hard to turn Iowa blue, and we are armed with 60,000 new Democrats, and an 85,000 voter registration advantage over Republicans.
Senator Obama is going to help Iowa Democrats win up and down the ticket in November.  He is bringing new people into the political process at historic levels and helping us to build the future of the Iowa Democratic Party.
Iowa is where it all began for Senator Obama.  I am pleased to welcome him back to the state today and I am proud to stand with Iowa Democrats by endorsing Senator Barack Obama.”