E-MAIL from the latter part of July 2008 reprinted from the News Tribune's (Tacoma) Political Buzz blog

Dear Party Leaders,

I'm writing today to share some exciting news, and to clarify what you may have heard about the relationship between our State Party and the Obama Campaign. After several weeks of informal discussions and more formal negotiations I am pleased to announce that Obama's Campaign for Change will operate as a project of the Washington State Democratic Party.

Our Coordinated Campaign will now become the Campaign for Change. Our 18 field offices and 30 field organizers from Bellingham to Spokane will do everything necessary to win Washington State for Obama, Gregoire, and candidates up and down the ticket.

The staff and the volunteers for the Campaign for Change will conduct labor intensive activities, including voter registration, voter ID, and GOTV. We expect to recruit thousands of volunteers to this effort, which should prove to be the most productive in the history of our party. This grassroots organizing will benefit all the Democrats on the ticket – from Obama to Gregoire to Ladenburg to Burner and down to the legislative campaigns.

Campaign for Change will be entirely funded out of federal funds, and will receive no funding from PAC's, corporations, unions, or lobbyists. Campaign for Change staff will be employees of the State Democratic Party.

The Obama Campaign will make a public announcement about the Campaign for Change and official office openings later this week, but as party leaders, I wanted you to be the first to know.

Thank you all for everything you do for the Democratic Party, and everything I know you'll do to ensure a Democratic sweep this November.


Dwight Pelz
Chair, Washington State Democratic Party