PRESS RELEASE from Obama for America

Gary and Meg Hirshberg Join Barack Obama’s Movement for Change

Democratic community leaders cite Obama’s potential to bring people together and change our broken political system

MANCHESTER, NH—Gary and Meg Hirshberg, business and community leaders and veteran Democratic campaigners, have endorsed Senator Barack Obama’s bid for the presidency.  The couple stressed the importance of choosing a president who can bring refreshing and unifying leadership to begin to heal our divided nation.

“America is badly divided and in desperate need of new solutions, new ideas, and a new way of conducting politics,” Gary Hirshberg said.  “Barack Obama is the candidate who can best help Americans focus on our common strengths and dreams, rather than our differences.  We must  move forward into the 21st Century and not back to old divisions and Barack will catalyze the change we need—in our disastrous policies, but also in the way the world sees us, and how we see ourselves. Meg and I are thrilled to get to work for Barack here in NH and across the US.”

Hirshberg added: “As a CEO of a multi-hundred million dollar company, I have come to appreciate the leadership qualities needed to inspire and empower successful organizations. Barack Obama possesses all of the characteristics to be a superb and effective chief executive.”

Gary Hirshberg is Chairman, President, and CEO of Stonyfield Farm Yogurt of Londonderry, New Hampshire.  At the helm of the world’s preeminent organic yogurt producer, Gary has developed innovative programs to bolster economic growth, environmental conservation and public health, which are among the top challenges facing the next president. Meg Hirshberg, a writer and activist, has served on the boards of numerous charitable and educational organizations. Outside of work they have dedicated themselves to supporting progressive causes and candidates.

“Gary and Meg are deeply committed to fixing the wrongs they see in the world, and they’ll be a tremendous asset to this movement,” Senator Obama said. “Whether they set out to change attitudes about the environment or to change the majority in the State House, their enthusiasm always translates into progress.  I couldn’t be more excited to work with them to transform this country.”


July 9, 2007
Contact: Reid Cherlin